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tooth abscess

i am having a rear upper tooth extracted tomorrow - the pain will be slightly less than I have had over the last two weeks - this has been flaring up and down since February, but the last episode meant that I looked like I had a golf ball tucked in my cheek - my left nostril was numb, my head was too sore to brush my hair or touch, my neck hurt when I moved my head, my ear was crackling - the nhs dentist refused to drain the abscess but gave me antibiotics, these didnt work and I had another course of strong antibiotics - still no change, my doctor for some reason did not even want to look but said I must go back and demand the abcess be drained - this happened and an appointment made for my tooth to be extracted tomorrow ... but in the meantime, my mouth feels dry, when I eat my food sticks to roof of mouth and 'tonsil' and i have to drink a lot of water, and i have difficulty in swallowing.  Is this part of the abscess ?  There is hardly any pain at the moment but I feel something could be brewing.  

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I might add that the only action that has been taken has been by a private dentist which I resorted to paying as the nhs dentist was just stalling I think for extra work and time.
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the antibiotics were two lots of metronidazole
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