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tooth broken for a year, now aches and swollen cheek

top mollar tooth broken for a year,but all of the sudden it aches i got a swollen cheek, i also believe it may be the result of  food or pork bone in side  it, ?? will this cause the reaction, or is it just and abscess?
and can i just pull it myself its only half the tooth anyway??

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This could be a dangerous thing and you would want to see a dentist immediately. The infection could spread through the soft tissue. Whether you can pull it or not yourself, that is something that you could only answer. I would not try it myself however.
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my jaw is swollen my head is heavy my neck is sore im feelin dizzy... i think im gonna die in my sleep within the next 2 daysI DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO????... SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP  ME 818 310 8258
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You both need competent medical or dental assistance!  Infections need treatment with antibiotics and the right antibiotics.  Please don't put off treatment by either a medical doctor or dentist.

Trying to remove teeth yourself is not advised.  Many times a root wraps around the bone and you can REALLY injure yourself in a permanent manner.  Please do not try this.  
Massive jaw bone infections can be the result of self treatment in this manner.

To chrischavez:  You need immediate medical assistance.  Go to your local emergency room.

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My father-in-law was here in america for 6 months and this is his 5th month. All of a sudden from yesterday his cheek was swollen and by reading the previous posts, i am sure it is abscess by listening all of his same symptoms like breaking teeth little by little from 6 months which he didnt told us till now. I do have enough amoxillin 500mg tabs with me. Can i continue them to him and wait till he goes back so that he can pull his teeth over there in india? Shall i add ibrufen to that too? how much mg of ibrufen should i give? Is it ok to travel in flight without pulling this teeth? Is it dangerous? It is too costly for me here which seems like i cant bear it as we had teeth treatments done for me and my husband also this month. His travel insurance people said after all deductables he give 80% of the bill which is again only till 100$. please help me with your valued suggestions... Thankyou MEDHELP!!!!
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