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tooth filling after tooth extraction

Hello, I would like to kindly request if it is safe to do another root canal procedure for new tooth after a surgical extraction which is infected & in the process of healing Already there is sever pain on this extracted tooth area & the other tooth procedure is it safe to do or do I have to wait until it heals.Thank you for the advice. MMB

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The root canal procedure can also get infected when infection is already present in the mouth elsewhere. Hence it would be best to let the present infection to heal completely before proceeding for the root canal treatment. Use of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs will help hasten the healing process. Consult your Doctor.
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Thank you very much for the advice. Yes I will wait util the woun heals as per the advice. Antibitics and pain killers I am taking ,& the wound is getting much better. With kind regards, Meera Basil
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