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vertigo/lightheaadiness after dental work for weeks

is  it common to get vertigo after having  some dental work done(2 root canals,crown) in a short span of time. could it have knocked something out of whack?
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Only a clinical examination can help in determining whether the cause of vertigo is due to dental or nondental causes. Most of the causes of vertigo are related to the brain or the inner ear, migraine headaches, acoustic neuromas, medication induced etc.Vertigo has not been reported as a side effect of dental work or dental anesthesia. The slightest possibility is that the dental treatment has caused your vertigo due to inflammation, nerve damage, or trauma. Stop any dental treatment at this time. In addition also reassess any medications you are taking that could be affecting you. Consult your dentist about it. Do keep me updated.
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thank u so much...i did get to my dr yesterday and he said the same about trauma and nerve damage from all the dental work done. he told me to take BONINE for a week or two to settle everything down. hope it works!
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