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what causes multiple tooth infections, thus root canals

I have had multiple dental infections which have led to many root canals in one year.  Now some of the teeth with the root canals have gotten infected and I have had them pulled.  Is it possible the infection has never left my mouth?  A few years ago it was discovered I had a fungal infection in my sinuses, it took 2 years to diagnose.  Could this be related.  I also suffer from constant sweating, not sure if I am carrying a low grade fever?  I am beside myself and my dentist thinks this is all within the norm.;  What can I do to get to the bottem of this. Is there a doctor who may specialize in chronic mouth infections?  Any suggestions would be very appreciated. thanks tim
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Most failed root canal treatments result from imcomplete canal debridement and obturation. The most common chronic mouth infections are cavities and chronic adult periodontitis. Other chronic infections for example. tuberculosis, syphilis, are rare in today's environment.
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i've just returned from the dentist this morning. This is a young, newer dentist.I had previously gone to the same one for abt 30 years. I have had several root canals, the last about a month ago.
For years I have had a lump under my tongue, not on the underside of the tongue but the soft area that would be a part of the tissue under the tongue/chin where there are glands. It is a lump that can be felt by the tip of the tongeu but not by feeling with a finger on the outside. I had always wondered if this might be an infection and had mentioned it to my old dentist. He commented that it did show up as a shadow on an xray but made no diagnosis or suggestion as to what it might be. Said that i should mention it to my Dr.
Of course not seeing the Dr for some time & having no pain, I forgot about it.
Now, with the new dentist, he has " suggested  " that it is indeed an infection from a tooth and is sending me to see an Endodontist soon. If so, this could be the cause of my Fibromyalgia ( my guess, not his ) plus some other concerns.  MY fingers develope raised red nodules at the joints even tho I tested negative for Arthritis.These seem to come and go just as the lump does, tho it never goes away completely.
It will be intersting to see what comes out of the upcomming visit to the Endo.

Would like to hear if others have had an experience similar to this.
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