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white bumps on tongue

I have some spots on my tongue that are very painful. They are white with a red outline, about the size of the old plastic pin heads.  I do not smoke or drink. I do have my tongue pierced but have had it pierced for almost 8 years now and have never had these spots before.

The spots started out as just one, now there are 2 bigger ones and 3-4 tiny ones, just little specks.  The bigger ones are the ones that hurt, hurts to eat and talk because the bumps rub on my teeth.  I have had them for 3 days now.

I have taken a picture, it is a little poor quality, but hopefully you can see them
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What surface of the tongue are they on?  The top part of the tongue, or the underside?  Look up pictures of "geographic tongue" because that occurs on the top part of the tongue.  If it is on the bottom, it could be some canker sores because they occur on these spots.  Either one, it would just be palliative treatment.  Use some numbing gel - all your dentist will give you is, at most, a steroid rinse.

See if it goes away within 7 days.  If it doesn't, then go to your dentist.

It could also be an allergy to something.  I am sure it has nothing to do with your tongue ring.

Good luck.
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