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white tongue now not all white.

I have always had a whitish kinda tongue with moss on it and i read thats normal.But today theres a spot on the middle of my tongue that has no white on it at all seems kinda strange theres no whitish tongue thesers  just no white moss in the middle of my tongue and on one side of my tongue its just the tongue color redish. this is the first time i ever saw this.but it seems like i have a slight sore throat  on that side to when i swallow.what do you think this is?what would cause the white coat to come off my tongue in 2 spots?
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So the white patch has always been consistent and now recently it has started to turn red on the right side of the tongue?

My initial guess is that its median rhomboid glossitis which is a fungal infection.  Some antifungal medication may help with the issue.  You may want to ask your dentist for a prescription.  It is possible that the antibiotics which you are taking is killing the bacteria in the mouth but since the bacteria is limited in growth, the fungus in your mouth has taken over but it seems to happen a little more rapidly that I would expect but it is possible.  

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I want to add theres no growth of any kind just the white coat came off my tongue in these 2 spots.
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also i tried to take the white coat of my tongue with my finger and it wont come off I am posting a pic of what im talking about.what on earth is wrong with my tongue and how worried about it should i be?thank you dr. http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu303/water09_2009/phone2018.jpg
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I also take 50mg of zinc everyday and prozac daily 20mg not sure if that has anything to do with it?
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I wanted to add I had my dentsit look at this a few weeks ago and all he told me is its not oral cancer and not to worry.but since then that place where the white is off the tongue has gottin bigger since yeseterday im really worried.
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I also take mincocycline 100mg a few times  a week for acne.but i didnt take it for about 2 or 3 weeks since the middle of last week i just started taking it again maybe 3 times a week..
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