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white/yellow coating on tongue , red and white bumps

i recently got over strep throat, but i noticed shortly after recovering that my tongue is coated with a whitish/yellowish coating... i also have raised red bumps on the back of my tongue that hurt when i eat and tingle when i'm not eating, and there's white/red spots on the roof of my mouth in the back, and on my uvulla/tonsils. i'm very concerned about this being an STD becuz i'm also experiencing vaginal discharge.  the discharge has been occuring for about a month now, but it has no odor and there's no burning or itching.  the doctor gave me a pap test and said everything looks normal with the exception of it being a little raw on the inside, but she said other than that, the discharge is probably normal. i've been worrying myself sick lately, especially since these bumps arose in my mouth.  i'm 19 years old, and i havent been sexually active in about 2 months, and even then i wasnt having sexual intercourse, it was just fooling around.  please help me, i'm so worried that i have an std.
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I do not think you have STD.Obviously I can not say this definitively without seeing the lesions. My feelings are that it is related to the strep infection, but that being said I would strongly suggest you see an oral surgeon for a diagnosis.This will clear your mind and put a name to what is present on your tongue.
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Did you ever find out what was wrong I am having a very similar problem but I don't think its an STD been with same person for very long time I have had a cold though over the last month thought it was strep doc said it was bronchitis
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