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why would my tooth hurt

I had a tooth that needed a crown for several years. I finally went in to get it prepared for the crown and found myself in extreme discomfort. I waited about a week and my dentist decided he wanted to do a root canal before placing the crown on. The tooth did feel some discomfort after getting the second part of the root canal. I guess it is where they fill the canal that the nerve was in. Could they have done something wrong with this process? My tooth doesn't constantly ache it only hurts if you tap it or if I eat something that causes a suction on the tooth such as gum or taffy. Do you have any ideas of what it could be and if there is no nerve where could the pain be coming from? I'm nervous about letting my dentist put the perm one on.  Thanks...
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The pain you feel upon tapping of the tooth is most likely coming from the bone below the tooth.  If the tooth had an infection before the root canal, that infection would have spread to the bone.  Once the infection in the tooth is removed (root canal), the bone can start healing.  Bone takes a couple of months to heal however.  When you tap on the tooth, you add pressure to this healing area, which can cause the dull ache you describe.

Talk to your dentist about it.  If you were in my office, I would check the temporary you are in to see if its hitting harder than the teeth around it.  This can be adjusted easily and will help improve your symptoms.  I also would probably delay permanently seating your new crown until your symptoms subside.  Next time you go in, ask him to check your occlusion (bite) to see if its high.
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That's what I wanna know, I have all this pain after a root canal and nobody knows why.
It hurts to tap the tooth just like you.
My bottom teeth keep tapping my top, and a bolt goes through it.
I went to the dentist tonight, he stuck that metal pick in between the two teeth.
I almost feel off the chair jumping up from the pain!!
The Dr was like you shouldn't feel that .." but obviously I do feel it"!!
So he put me on another round of antibiotics.
Been on antibiotics for three months now. ( But I have no infection)!!
This is insane!!
If you get any answers to your question please let me know!
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Seeing an endodontist is advised.
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