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wisdom tooth

I had my wisdom tooth(2) removed 6 days ago. my lower left lip and a few teeth are still feeling numb currently. is this numbness going to be temporary or permanent?
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Sometimes when removing wisdom teeth the nerve can be slightly "bruised", causing temporary numbness/tingling. Most cases resolve in a couple weeks.

Depending on the location of the wisdom teeth prior to extraction, in some cases paitents are permanently numb. Prior to extraction  the dentist should have evaluated the proximity to the nerve, and avoided the extraction if that was the case.

Having a partially numb or tingley lip is better than a completely numb lip. It means that part of the nerve is working and should recover.

Check back in with your dentist or oral surgeon. Good luck.
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I had my lower and upper right wisdom teeth removed last year and suffered the same numb lip, tongue and teeth.

My teeth returned to 'normal-ish' after about two weeks however I had a slight lisp for at least six weeks, then slowly, just as everyone had said the feeling started to come back.

My tongue took the longest to heal, and after three months i thought it might be permenantly damaged. Rest assured though, I'm now six months on and like everyone told me - my mouth is entirely back to normal - phew!

Healing differs in everyone and unfortunatly this is one of those times when you most likely have to leave it to do its own thing, time is a great healer so be patient.

Hope this offers some reassurance.
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It's good to hear that your tongue got back to normal! Mine is numb but it is tingling/burning so that gives me hope!
Thanks for leaving your comment showing that good results do happen but it seems it takes a long time.
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Hi there hope all is well, just reading ur comment and was wondering if your numbness has disappeared? I got all 4 wisdom teeth out in hospital a week ago and my right side of my bottom lip and front teeth are numb.. Just a little worried??
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Please help!!! Any positive stories would help out greatly!

I'm a 32 year old male. Had 4 wisdom teeth removed on 8/3/2012 + an impacted/infected molar on bottom right.

Day 1 post op (day of surgery): slept mostly after surgery (8am)  but woke up later in the afternoon  and noticed the left side of chin/lip from corner of mouth to center of chin/lip was numb. This was different than the other side that was no longer feeling the anesthesia.

Day 2: No pain. The left side of chin and lip from the corner to the center of the jaw is STILL numb. My extraction sites are a bit sore but no real pain to speak of. JUST THE NUMBNESS and now my teeth feel like they are being squeezed together but only on the left bottom toward the front.

Day 3: Still no real pain but the numbness is getting me very very worried :( and the squeezed teeth feeling is still there. I have been noticing an itch every now and then but cant feel anything when I try to scratch it. Also, a tingle or crawling sensation every so often too. Is this a good or bad sign??

I've read almost every post on here and some else where and am quite worried! Alarmed, panicked, scared, worried is more like it.

I will be posting on here with updates so others can gain from this, too. Any stories would be welcome!! ...especially the positive ones.
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Hey. I had my wisdom teeth out (3) this morning. (9-7-12) I had two on top and one on bottom right which was my painful one. It was coming in side ways and started to get infected so I went ahead with surgery. All my numbness has worn off except for the bottom right.. it's mostly my chin and lip that feel huge and my bottom teeth do feel the same as yours. A stitch also fell out today on bottom right as I was drinking a sip of water, they're suppose to dissolve eventually. So needless to say I'm a bit worried already, its almost hard to even talk normal  =\.  Have you gotten any better??   -heather
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It's been a month since my surgery. I am getting a bit better but not 100% yet. My lip and chin are still 80% numb. From all the research I've done, it just takes time, unfortunately. Be sure to take vitamins. Especially those with B1, B6, and B12 as they are good for the nervous system. It is scary as hell when it first happens and being in the early stage of this.

Don't panic. Tell your surgeon and let him know that you are very concerned about this. The next time he sees you ask him if he can perform a sensitivity test. This will involve you closing your eyes and he will either poke your numb side with a sharp object or a dull one then ask you to tell him which it was. This will give you both an idea of how serious the nerve damage is. Also, make sure to ask him if there was ANYTHING that happened during the surgery that is cause for concern! This will not only give you peace of mind but make him aware that you are aware of your patient right to know.

Please let us know and post on here any improvements or how you are doing! You are not alone and these stories give hope to others that are going through this!

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Hi jay, im 3 days post op after having wisdom tooth out and lower impacted tooth !! and feel numb in my chin and lower lip :( feel petrified to be honest
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