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wisdom tooth
i had pain due to a wisdom tooth turning in my gum and had eye, face, jaw, cheek bone and head pain on the right side.
i also lost the sight in one side of my right eye for about 30 mins.
i had the wisdom tooth removed and had very bad pain in all those areas for 2 weeks none stop.
over the next few months the pain got better but i would still get the pains every now and again.
while this was happening i was also having neck pain and acheing in right side of the back of my head.
about a month ago i turned my head to the left and started to see rainbow coloured zig zags and then felt acheing coming from my neck up to my head, it wasnt a bad pain.
i have since had this happen 4 times after turning my head to the left.
the pain is always on the right apart from when i turned my head to the left and i felt something crunch in my neck and the pain went to the left side of my head.
i also have numbness, tingleing, burning , stinging and shooting pains on the right side and my face feels like its too tight and i need to relax it.
i have a problem with my jaw, it locks and is sometimes painful and the pain in my head is also around the areas on my head that move when i move my jaw.
the pain im getting now is just like the pain i had when i had the wisdom tooth.
i have a few times trapped something in my neck as my arm will feel heavy and numb but if i move my neck around my arm goes back to normal.
i have felt around my neck to see if anything hurts and at the very back of where the head and neck meet to the right, at the curve hurts, i pushed it and it started the pain off.
one doctor told me i have one shoulder higher than the other, one doctor told me im causeing migraines by constricting the blood to my brain when i turn my neck but ive had no xrays no mri and not one doctor has even looked at my neck, ive just been given diclofenac sodium 50 mg.
could you please tell me if you think its caused my my neck?
if its just migraines?
or its something to do with my wisdom tooth and jaw?
or all of these things? thankyou
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