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worried what this may be

I have had a problem with very sore gums that bleed when brushed, blisters on gums sometimes and on back of tongue and small red bumps on back of tongue as well. The bumps and blisters on my tongue have not went away but do not bother me anymore but my gums are still very sore and bleed. This has lasted for about 3 months and I had swollen lymoh nodes in my neck for a few weeks in the beggining but that went away. I have not had any sick feelings or fever or anything like that just problems with my mouth I am very concerned as to what it may be. I have been looking up on the internet time and time again about the symptoms and Theres so many horrifying things it could be it all freaks me out. Please help I'm always thinking about what it could be and just hoping its not something that could really hurt me. I am wondering if it could be gum disease and just hoping its not even worse than than. Very worried
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This could possibly be periodontitis which is inflamation and infection of the ligaments and bones that support the teeth. If this progresses it can lead to subsequent tooth loss.
I would recommend that you go to see a Dentist as soon as you can.
There are a number of treatments that can be recommended.
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Sore gums can be a result of various reasons. This can be because of poor oral hygiene, deficiency of vitamins, drug allergy, disorders of the gums and teeth etc. Proper oral care is the key to good oral health. Also taking of multi-vitamins and vitamin C, use of soothing gels may help. Also it is best to consult your Doctor for an examination as your problem is since several months.
Hope this helps.
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