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Please respond! So confused! Physical and Mental, PTSD,BPD,Bulumia etc

Subject:  Please respond! So confused! Physical and Mental, PTSD,BPD,Bulumia etc

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I have so many problems, and questions, I truly hope somebody will give me some answers.  I am a 41 year old female.  I have been treated for 9 years for Severe depression, PTSD, Bulumia and BPD.  In the last few years I have had elevated liver enzymes.  I may have Autoimmune hepatitis or NASH.  Nobody is truly sure.  I have had a serious suicide attempt 3 years ago.  I overdosed on 1month supply of Depakote and high 1mos of Xanax-at 8mg per day.  Had some serious problems-open wounds for laying so long before found.  Severe infection, venilator etc.  Now for all the questions.  Now that I have tested positive for some Autoimmune diseases-mainly positive ANA, could autoimmune disease also cause severe depression.  My psychiatrist thinks the liver disease could be-since I have been real resistant to anti-depressants-just don't work well.  I have had a liver biopsy which shows fibrosis/cirrhosis.  Could the depakote caused my liver problems-when I was hospitalized they said I had no liver damage-I'm so confused.  I saw a hepatologist at IU and because of my mental health history I was treated very poorly.  I am a nurse-worked for 20 years off and on with depression and then just couldn't maintain anymore.  I'm currently on SSDI-did not have to appeal-I was that severe.  With my health problems I am finding it difficult to find a doctor that will listen to all the problems without judging me.  Could you also provide a referral to a doctor-for liver diseases that would treat me like a real person.  I live in Indiana and would be willing to travel to OH,MI.  I'm divorced with 2 children and want to live to finish raising them.  The hepatologist said eventually my liver would fail-transplant probably slim because of psych history.  I haven't been hospitalized for 3 years now-he said that was good.  He said I needed to improve my psychosocial status before I would get a liver transplant. Thanks for listening.  I would appreciate any information.

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