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ADHD medicine

About a month and a half ago my doctor started me on adderall to help with my studying. My new study habits existed in stark contrast to my old ones, I could understand things that I couldn't understand before. I could put things together and see how things fit where before I couldn't. Everything seemed so interesting and I began to read all the books I had collected over time but was never able to understand.

The medicine worked for about a month and then as quickly as it began, it stopped working. I'm waiting two weeks now to see if it will work again, but am concerned about the efficacy of the medicine. Is this a common problem? My doctor told me that sometimes different medications are used to prevent this from happening. Anyway, the medication made a big difference in my life and I had decided on going to college full time to complete a degree, but now my doubts have returned. Should I worry? I was also diagnosed with OCD about a year ago and am taking 40mg/day prozac. I was taking 15mg/session of adderall.


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There is no clear explanation on why certain medications that work initially stop working. But a common strategy is to increase the dosage slowly until the desired effect is achieved.

It is important that you and your psychiatrist also review the diagnosis.  Adderall is not prescribed for poor study habits, but for Attention Deficit Disorder, which may interfere with study habits.  A review of the diagnosis will help your physician guide you to the best intervention, whether it is an increased dose of Adderall, or a trial of Ritalin, or another intervention.

You may want to re-consult your physician and inform him/her your concerns.
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OK, thanks! So, it is sort of a common phenomenon?

Right, I was diagnosed with add along with my ocd, but my physician advised on stabilizing the ocd first, and to use the adderall in moderation only when needed with schoolwork.

Thanks again,

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I have been taking adderall for my ADD. I am to graduate college in a week and begin work. I just took a drug test for my new job and I am concerned that the adderall will show up as only an amphetamine.

My question is how long does a 20mg dose take to leave the body entirely so as to not be present on a drug screen. I am aware of the Americans with Disabilities Act, but I just don't want the stigma of having failed a drug test for any reason.
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