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About Celexa???

In Jan. my wife had the flu 5 weeks.She lost 25 lbs. She stopped her Hermone Mad. But got back on it in mid Feb. At the end of the flu I notice it was like she was not all there.She started talking to invisible people.We put her at a mental hosp. 7 days they kept her.We never got a dianoces yey.I (we) will see the Dr. on the 20th for the 1st time I see him.

here is hr med.
She has been on this for 4 weeks now.
celexa  she was on 20 mgs. now 40    2 times a day  
pisperdal 1 mg    1 time a day
premarin1.25 mg   1time a day  Hormon med.
If she eat & rest good that day ,she has a good day.Other wise at time she has to think hard of what she has to do.But she is better now. She is now a quite person & to her self now  , she want to stay inside a lot.But today she wants to go outside & walk , I think that may help her in all ways.
Sould I wait  a couple of weeks to see the Dr. & see if he changes the med. or what the med. is going to do.   Thanks for the Help.
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You report that your wife had experienced hallucinations, weight loss, loss of motivation, diminished concentration, and social withdrawal. This sounds like major depression with psychotic features, a condition that is usually treated with a combination of antidepressants (such as Celexa) and antipsychotic medications (such as Risperdal). Antidepressants may take 6 to 8 weeks before achieving full effects. I suggest you continue providing your wife with support, wait to see how helpful her medications will be (you stated that she is becoming more outgoing), and discuss your concerns further with her doctor at her next appointment.
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