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Adderall & diarrhea

Dear Dr,
I have been taking Adderall XR 40mg a day for a few years now. I take 20mg as soon as I wake up. I've had great success with it. However, it really gets my digestive system going so I usualy get loose stools or mild diarrhea. This doesn't botther me too much, but my MD didn't like the fact that this is a daily occurance (I guess she's worried about loss of electrolytes). So, last week, she lowered me down to 30mg a day. I am still having the same problem. My next appointment is in a few weeks. Is this really a cause for concern? It's not like I have to keep going to the bathroom multiple times. And, besides lowering the dose more, is there anything else that I could do to reduce this side effect?
Age:25, Weight: 95lbs, Hieght 5'3
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