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Alcohol Withdrawal??


This might seem like a fairly stupid question, but I was wondering:

Can someone get the DT's (Delirium Tremens) from drinking 8-10 Beers only TWO nights a week??  

There is NO daily drinking...and NO hard liquor consumption.  Just 8-10 Beers drunk two nights every week for the past several months.

Thank you.
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The general answer is no, dt's is usually from chronic use at a higher level and assosiated with a failing or diseased liver, but if there is a diseased liver in the picture, it is possible.
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Can't medically answer your post as I am not a Dr., but I think DTs are a result of withdrawl...? Paternal family hx of alcoholism, and DTs are scary, but maybe it would be wise to look into why your drinking 8-10 beers two nights a week rather than guessing at the DT issue.
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