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Anorexia and Laxatives

Over the last 2-3 years I have been remembering things from my childhood to do with sexual abuse.  I have been to councelling, but just as I was getting somewhere they stopped my appointments.  Since then I have been hiding away from everyone and over the last couple of months have been taking laxatives to loose weight.  It seems that every time that I have something to eat I need to take a laxative to take the guilt feeling away.

Can you please tell me whether there are short/long term problems that could arise from taking them.  I am currently taking anti-depressants, however they don't seem to take away the feelings of guilt, and when I feel low I have to self harm to make me feel better.  I think I am now in a vicious circle that I don't know how to get out of.

I would also be grateful if you could let me know what weight I should be.  I am currently about 90 pounds and 5'6" tall.
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You describe inappropriate laxative use despite being underweight, which may be due to eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. These disorders are not uncommonly co-morbid with depression and personality disorders.

Laxative abuse and excessive weight loss can cause sudden death, seizures, and cardiac disease.

I urge you to discuss your concerns further with your treating physician/psychiatrist.

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Yes, there are both short term and long term effects from taking laxitives. You can make yourself dead, and failing that, get to the point that you can no longer poop without them. A 5'6" woman with and average build should weigh somewhere between 120 and 140 pounds. You ought to seek out some assistance from a mental health professional who has experience in treating eating disorders. Your body will start canabalizing its own heart and other organs for the energy to keep going if you don't start giving it the nutrition it needs to live.
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i have a weight problem. i am over weight and i want to lose some weight fast. i have tryed to take diet pills, but they don't work because they smell really bad and i couldn't swallow they. i have tried to be bolimic, but i couldn't puke. i mean, i like took a tooth brush and pushed it to the back of my throat and i couldn't puke. i was anorexic for 12 days strait. then i was hungry. exercizing doesn't work either. please help me before i kill my self be taking too many laxatives. thanks
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I just wanted to let you know that my heart really goes out for you. I too have suffered from the 2 eating disorders myself. I got up to taking 100 laxatives per day. I am now laxative free, due to years of therapy, and the right meds of course. It does take time, but there is still a lot of hope, and you can recover. I just wanted to give you some inspiration, at a time where you feel like there is none.
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hahaha aha ah ha ha youre a dork who talkes elax to lose the exess weight yuve been carrying evey one should way about 80 pounds or under to loose it you do it by volmitting
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OK i know i need some help.  i am 13 and i have already tried all of the fast ways to lose weight.  i didnt eat. i threw up what i ate. i am now takeing laxitives. i read this sight and thats really bad.  I let myself eat some stuff though. But  when i do i feel gultiy.  i am kind of screwed up in the head though.  I mean i have low self esteam and **** like that. and i hate to talk to people because last time i got down to 98 pounds and i am 5"9 i got put in the hospital. i hate the hospital.  But know i really an over weight and i need to get it off. i weigh 127 and i want to weigh 115. how can i lose that much weight fast?
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