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I would like to know some studies and websites say there is an increase in cortisol in body after taking anti-depressants and/or maybe anti psychotics.  Some say it is opposite since they decrease stress.  Some studies say that individuals who have taken these meds for long period of time develop adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue.

Which one is it. Or is it like varies for each person differently.  I have used them in the past and feel better but not so great when compared to being well. I have taken many different ones for 3-4 years now.  They all lose effectiveness.  I was on celexa for 1 year and it made me chatty, neurotic and too much complaining. Increase the dose it makes me agitated and unstable.

So do anti-psychotics/ anti-depressants increase or decrease cortisol secretion and do they cause adrenal fatigue.  

Has anyone found some ways to get relief and improvement from this illness besides good diet, talk therapy and exercise. This illness wastes so much timee, can't do much etc.  

Any suggestions.
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This is a serious medication problem that can only be addressed by a top flight psychopharmacologist, psychiatrist.  Sorry , there is no easy answer.
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Yes, my family doctor is recommending a psychiatrist, just waiting for her call. She is not really helpful.  I agree with you and feel same it doesn’t feel great when you are not well. Blood test results were normal or little out of range.  

Yes, I am really intolerant to cold and I am very irritable and tired poor sleep throughout winter months, it’s freezing hell in Canada.  Plus, I can’t get much done.

Yes, I am careful with supplements and they don’t interact with my medications or if there is one I use one at a time.  I took herbal adrenal support long time ago 2 years ago and naturopath told me it wouldn’t interact.  I am tired of this and that’s why I started to go on supplements especially omega-3, calcium/magnesium, probiotics and vit.d. I usually take these regularly. I take Vit.d regularly during winter months, but not anymore.  There is not much improvement even these supplements and that’s why I am looking to get treatments by holistic doctors.  These meds don’t really fix the problem just suppressing symptom and draining our bodies.

Thanks for letting me know about what I can do about spit thing. I try dental and Gastrology forum, it maybe reflux or something like that.

Now, I am only on olonzapine.  I took those other meds in the past months and years. I know what they for and yes that’s lot of meds, and this is why I am tired of these MDs, wreaking havoc on my body and little help on my illness. Supplements are some what necessary, I don’t drink milk so cal/mag/vit.d supplements, omega-3s for mental health, vit.d only in winter, and probiotics for constipation thanks to olonzapine.
It’s an infrared sauna and doesn’t emit any UV rays that are harmful for skin.  I really need some thing like this to improve my circulation, increase body temperature, sweat toxins out, good skin and for relaxing.

Thanks for your support and wish you good health.

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The illness I am talking about is OCD, major psychotic depression which is in remission (with meds, otherwise it symptoms show up again.)

I believe it is adrenal fatigue as well.  I saw a naturopath and gave me some herbal supplement and it helped me sleep really good and be restful.  But my condition always shows up again and again and docs say I have to be on these meds for life.  I am currently on olonzapine, and have taken triepelical, seroquol, effexor, a injection at hospital of ativan, cojectin, and copixol, and lastly celexa.  I don't buy that I have to take these for life.  I believe this is because I have poor overall health, physical injuries that don't heal and other things that may cause mental illness such as poor liver even though I don't drink or do drugs.  I will soon see a acupuncturist who also knows some naturopathy.

As for my family doc,  I saw her few days ago and said she can't help me since she says blood test are normal.  She said I can't do much since it is not her specialty and getting me well physically she can't help either.  I have seen so many MDs and I am tired of seeing them.  My family doc doesn't care much since she thinks I am young (22) and nothing serious is going on. I usually have cold and hands and nasty spit in my mouth when I wake up.  I told her and she said "I don't know" and fee. Whatever the case discussing anything with her makes you think why you go to her in the first  place.
In end she said I can't help much anymore.

One naturopath told me to get homocystine levels tested.  I asked my family doc and she said your too young for this kind of serious stuff.  She doesn't do anything for me and on top doesn't like to help when other docs are suggesting to check something out.  Thanks for being a doctor. I am looking to find one family doc that is cooperative.  

I rest a lot and doesn't help much. I am on disability and not going to school or working as this stress me out, I am weaker now compared to when I started to take medications.  It has been 4-5 years with this.

As for wellness I am already taking omega-3s, calcium magnesium vit.d, healthy diet and walking. I get cravings thanks to olonzapine, I sometimes give in for chocolates. I have major SAD and light therapy is helping much.  I live in Canada and winter drains me.  I am also looking to buy FIR sauna for keeping warm and other benefits.  I hope infrared sauna does the trick and help recover faster.

Thanks for posting your thoughts and suggestions, it's better than nothing.

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I would see a psychiatrist (and get a new family doctor).

My GP is the same.  I'm too young to have this or that.  He did do a blood sugar test and some others once though.  It coincided with the unsuccessful resuscitation of a person in the supermarket car park.  Apparently my risk factors are low due to family history, age, gender, etc.  It doesn't feel very reassuring though.  I have to assume this is just anxiety though and once it is better managed my fears will disappear.
It doesn't feel great to feel so unhealthy though.

I get cold hands and feet too.  It could be a condition called Raynard's which is made worse by cold and stress.  I was also cold intolerant when I was iron deficient.  It can also be made worse by too much vitamin B I think.  Be careful with any supplements.  Same goes for the herbal stuff and make sure they don't interact with your meds.

The expert on the dental health expert forum will easily be able to advise about the spit thing.  It could be worth asking him.

Ask for a review of the meds (to me a lay person it sounds like a lot of meds) and double check that your supplements are OK and necessary.  Be careful with any sauna as you also don't want skin cancer.  Knowing your good luck you would probably get it.

The doctor will respond to your post sometime.  I've overlooked the anxiety and depression aspect of your post.  Sorry!
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Just a lay person hazarding a guess I would say that meds can predispose a person to adrenal fatigue.

Perception of stress, which can trigger the stress response, is different for everyone so there are also likely to be significant individual differences.

I think that the answer to the question perhaps isn't as important as focusing on your symptoms and looking at ways to increase your health and well-being.

I would talk to your doctor and discuss your concerns.

Which illness are you talking about?

Rest is also important.

I was looking at the womentowomen.com website ages ago.  They have some info on adrenal function, etc.  Being a guy you may prefer to do a general search.  ??

There may be other reasons why you don't feel 100%.  I would strongly advise talking to your doctor.

Mental illness can be a bit of a life-stopper but there are also valuable lessons we can learn from it.  While we may not be as productive or contribute as much as we would like too, while we are learning and growing the time isn't being wasted.

Good luck!
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I have a question for you do anti-psychotics/ anti-depressants increase or decrease cortisol secretion and do they cause adrenal fatigue.

When I came off of effexor 2 years ago I felt so tired and so drained.  This same scenario happened this winter when my doctors said it's time to come off celexa.  I felt same tired all the time and tired and stressed.  So do anti-depressants if not anti-psychotics increase ones chances of adrenal fatigue when they come off of meds.

Now, I am only on 5mg of olonzapine.  It gets me to sleep after 3-4 hrs from the time I take it.  My family doc said it is not as effective and so I should take it earlier like at 7pm.

Can you please tell me how can I control sugar/carbs craving.  I get these when I am on olonzapine. Also what I can do to minimize some of the dangerous side effects of olonzapine that I have heard from patients that have taken this drug.  These include pancreatitis, liver and heart problems and as well some sexual side effects when on and off these meds.

Thanks helping me.

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It differs by the person, most likely.  Anti-depressants can be very stimulating to some people and make them more anxious, which would stimulate cortisol secretion.  Most people seem to have both depression and anxiety, and anxiety is known to stimulate cortisol secretion.  On the other hand, anti-depressants also help many people with anxiety, so one would assume in those cases cortisol secretion is decreased.  Meds aren't one size fits all; they affect people differently.  The only way to know in your case is to get your cortisol levels tested over a month's time and see how you're doing with it.  There are herbs that are believed to lower cortisol secretion, including Holy Basil, and adaptogens such as eleuthero and ashwaghanda, but these also affect different people differently.
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Thanks for feedback
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How can I get my cortisol levels tested? Do I have to get GP approval?  I think so.  My GP is very uncooperative and I searching for new one.  

I read somewhere cortisol levels can be tested via special strips that check saliva cortisol, and are sent to lab.  Is this it.

Let me know.
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