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Anxiety/Medication Question

I have suffered from anxiety problems for many years.  I have never been on any type of medication, just learned to live with this constant uneasy feeling.  I'm about to graduate from College, and the thought of having to go through the ceremonies scares me to death.  Going to "public" events is very hard for me.  I can go into Panic Attacks very easily while being in public places.  I haven't let that stop me from any form of living.  But, I don't want to freak out during my graduation.  Would it be worth while seeing somebody to get something to help me relax during this.  What type of doctor would be best to see regarding this.  Thanks!

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     What you describe may represent social anxiety disorder and  perhaps generalized anxiety disorder.  I suggest that you have a psychiatric evaluation to clarify this issue further.  Social anxiety is along a continuum and minimal anxiety that resolves quickly in social situations is not abnormal.  There are medications that can be used occasional as needed for performance situations such as Inderal.  The SSRI's(Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa) are the treatment of choice for generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder etc.,but require 2-4 wks before they become effective.  Inderal, Xanax, Ativan are medications that are effective immediately.  I encourage you to search this forum using social anxiety disorder(AKA social phobia), generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder as keywords.
     Keep in mind that this information is intended for educational purposes only.  Please consult your personal physician/psychiatrist for specific health concerns.



Keywords: Social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder
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Sarah, yor story is quite familiar.  I found that my regular MD was able to help me with the anxiety thing.  It is so common that regular doctors are pretty up to date with available meds.  I was prescribed Effexor and it makes a lot of difference.  Don't start on it, or anything else like it, a few days before your graduation though.  The drugs kind of mess you up for a couple of days...then you're fine.
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Similar to Pat I found that my regular MD was very
quick to offer a medication solution.  I have used
Xanax for a number of panic attacks to help alleviate
the symptoms and to create a much more comfortable
state of mind when I am involved in an activity that
I feel might trigget an anxiety attack.   I feel that
the medication brings me to a much more 'normal' state
of mind without feeling medicated.  It has also allowed
me to sleep much sounder.  I noticed few side effects
when starting the medication.  I find that most doctors
are very open to talking about anxiety and do not see it
as any different than any other medical condition in which
they can assist a person.
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I don't think I have depression. But I definitely have a problem with a constant dialogue in my head, a constant critic.  I have an extremely short attention span and a difficult time with focus. This problem is exhausting me.  I am always thinking that the only solution is meditation, exercise, eating right - but made attempts at that. Nothing seems to work. I fear a dependency on medication, but I secretly think that a supplement may help me focus more and have less massive indecisivness and chatter. I have a background with addiction, and come from a family that has used food and various methods to escape reality. I have had a great deal of recovery on many levels (sober 13 years, off cigarettes for 12 years).  If I were to entertain an anti-anxiety type medication, what would you recommend?
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