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Anxiety and Paranoia due to embarassing illness

I have been suffering for quite a while with a bowel problem, which is described in this topic:


this problem has had a dramatic affect upon my social life and my job. Basically I have to go to the toilet every half an hour and my job requires me to serve customers for at least 4 hours without a break, so I have had to take time off.
I am constantly worried that my friends and others around me notice my embarassing problem, i have no idea whether they have or not because they have not mentioned anything to me, but the worry and panic is killing me! This has now led to anxiety and paranoia (i think its paranoia anyway) whenever i'm in public or with my friends.

Sorry if that did not make any sense, il elaborate in a typical situation:

I would be hanging out with my friends and then i would think "god have they noticed?" and i would become very worried and my legs would go weak and warm up, this then makes me think i have embarassed myself when i actually havent. I feel the need to get out of the area and have some time alone to calm down. The majority of the time there was nothing to worry about in the first place.

Sorry if I havnt been clear, i can elaborate if needed. Is there a drug a doctor can prescribe me to help with this?
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I understand how difficult this problem is for you and how much anxiety it creates.  The only medication that could help you wouldn't be any medication that reduces your anxiety like Xanax or
klonopin.  A longer-term solution would be to find someone, like a therapist who could help you find other coping mechanisms until this problem is resolved.
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