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Anxiety of Delusion

Hi Dr,

For a number of years iv being suffering from either Anxiety or Delusions. Over the last year i have being attending Therapy, trying to understand problems and myself. It is not easy but i feel like i getting a better understanding of my life and its problems. But i still have doubts. How can one distinguish between Anxiety and Delusions?

When does the fear (anxiety) of your girlfriend seeing another man turn into a delusion that your girlfriend is seeing another man?

I have issues with trusting people close to me but when does that turn into delusions thinking that they do not like me?

When does the fear of an illness turn into a delusion?. Or the fear of being poisoned for that matter?  

Can you have Depersonalization/ Derealization  with delusions ?

When do thoughts turn in delusions??

Hope you can shed some light on this matter


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You are asking the basic question of how the mind works...can't answer that in this brief format, but can give you a principle to help you think it through.  Your mind works in images. When you have an image in your mind that your girlfriend is cheating on you, it is the reality, for at least a moment. It's the reality in your head, not in the world.  The image is an alerting system about a possibility,in this case, a possibility that would hurt you...a personal danger. If you leave it there and just push it away, it stays lurking in the background. But if you continue a conversation with yourself using your reality testing intelligence, you can get a realistic perspective, and make an active decision about what is real.

If you go to my site and sign up for a free 3 day trial you can read an article there called mental muscle..it will explains this more fully.  www.myvirtualshrink.com
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