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Anxiety or what??

Hi, I am a 25 year old male and just recently have had some health concerns. about a year or so ago I would have the feeling as if I was going to black out, usally while I was in my car. Then one day after work I was sitting on my couch watching tv and then that feeling came back and I think I passed out for 1/2 a second if that, ever since then I haven't felt the same. I have had blurry vision, lightheadedness, an unbalanced feeling all day every day. at my worst I was unable to sleep for a while, everytime I would try to sleep it would feel like I was falling, then one night I managed to get to sleep but I woke up with my heart pounding for no reason. I do have a micro valve prolapse but it has never been a problem and I have had all the tests done ( ekg,24 hr monitor, etc ) all the test came back fine. The cardiologists said I do not need meds for my mvp but said to get my neck x-rayed (I don't know why).
My primary doc put me on lorzepam (bad spelling) so I could sleep,I took that for a couple of days and it did make me tired but it also made me feel worse. I stopped taking that right away. The doctor couldn't find anything and said that it could be anxiety. I don't know why I would have anxiety all of a sudden I have always been a very laid back person, never really worried about anything. I was exposed to a dangerous chemical called styrene from my work for two years prior and during this period, this I know causes nervous system damage ( anxiety, depression, and many other side effects ). I have improved greatly since being away from this, it has been about 3-4 months, but I still do not feel normal. I just do not know about the anxiety diagnoses, I can relax during the day, I get over 8 hours of sleep every night. I feel alright except for the unbalanced feeling. I don't have the typical anxiety symptoms (rapid heartbeat, sweating, feeling of doom, etc)just the unbalanced feeling. Another doctor that I've seen tried to put me on paxil, he said that the passing out episode caused my anxiety, but I refused the prescription I would rather talk to a therapist before I dive in to mind altering drugs, besides I have read that there are alternatives like vitamin b complex and some herbs like kava kava, passion flower etc. that can help. Because if it is anxiety it's not severe, I can still go to work and function I just don't go out to clubs like I used to. I also used to smoke weed regulary and drink on weekends and I quit all that cold turkey the day this happened. I do miss smoking though. Also dark circles under my eyes have developed during this time and the are not getting better. I just don't know where to go from here to feel normal again. I miss my old lifestyle greatly.

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I think you are approaching this very intelligently, and would not rush into antianxiety medicatin without further study. You should consult a psychiatrist-psychotherapist, and see if there is any cause for anxiety.  Your symptoms are not typical anxiety, but could be that. You could also have middle ear disease, and some kind of circulatory problem that could be investigated.  Toxicity from chemicals also can not be ruled out.  So, see a psychiatrist first; and consult your cardiologist re ear and circulatory possibilities.

Its also true that prolonged smoking of pot can get you these kind of problems.
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sounds  like anxiety -  but with the unbalance feeling you should talk to a neroligist<-bad spelling> however... depression comes in many forms depression can cause anxiety as well as anxiety can cause depression....i feel the same way about my past life style always being with friends going places hanging out ya kno having fun...now i stay at home terrified to leave my appartment, i have been getting chest pains for the past week..i take effexor xr..... but my father takes lorazapan and celexa<-also for anxiety> he takes 2 lorazapan befor her goes to bed... no he is depressed due to a illness he was diagnosed with  called   spinalcerebella ataxia< rare uncurable illness,  thats why when i read your falling feeling when ur sleeping, and ur unbalanced feeling <- personally you should go to a nuroligist  i kno people i have really bad spelling
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Well i am sorry to tag on to someones thread. here is my question has anyone ever experienced a pressure feeling in the sternum while asleep to the point where you cant catch your breath. Here is my what happened....I was asleep.. and suddenly i felt a heavy heavy feeling in the middle of my chest. Not heart, but chest like on my sternum. I tried to wake up but felt like i could not catch my breath. when i woke up it went away except felt a little nervous. then i went to sleep again shortly after waking up and the same thing happened. Then fell asleep a 3rd time and was able to stay asleep no problems. Not too sure if it iwas a panic attack or a palpitation. has anyone ever experienced this? Any insight would be wonderful

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Thank you for the response, It's good to hear a MD not jump right away to the anxiety thing and force drugs down my throat and look for other solutions first. About the pot, I have not smoked for over 7 months would this be a permanent thing or temp? And if I started smoking again could it get worse?
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i would definitely get the chemical exposure ruled out as well as problems with your inner ear;  look into vertigo and get your thyroid checked out too.  your problem sounds much more physical than mental.  how long have you smoked pot? that can have an effect depending on the length of time smoked as well as how much you would smoke per day or per week.  the pot could also be laced with other more dangerous mind altering substances.  you need to be careful about that. you may miss the social aspects of smoking but you're better off without it.
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I smoked since I was about 16 years old, so about 9 years. I would smoke usally one bowl when I get home from work and maybe two to three times on the weekend. I would never go to work high or anywhere important it was just a thing I would do at home and with friends. I quit cold turkey when all this happened and now people smoke in front of me all the time and I turn it down all the time even though I do miss it. I would rather feel healthy that smoke now
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