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Are all these meds effecting memory

hi everyone,
   Ok I have a question and cant seem to find an answer on the web. I'm taking celexa, trazadone, tenormine, calan and diavan. These are for depression, anxiety and the last 3 are for blood pressure. Does anyone know if these meds in specific can effect your memory. Or the ability to remember things. Im taking a course at a nearby campus and finding it hard when I study to retain the information Im studying. I study just short periods of time and take breaks so it doesnt get over whelming. But it doesnt seem to stick. I havent had to study for over 25 yrs and realize I have to adapt. But its been 6 weeks now and its not getting any better. Can anyone help with this question?
  Thanks                                     SandyLeigh
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It is very likely, with that many drugs that effect the central nervous system, that it is having an effect on your memory. Talk to your doctor about consolidating your depression treatment into one medication and lowering the dose to see what happens.
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I think they are because they affected my memory. I experienced a major depressive episode in October and had been taking Paxil and clonazepam (Klonopin) for anti-anxiety and I found my memory was becoming awful. I told the psychiatrist about my memory problem and she said it could be from the Klonopin. Two nights ago, I stopped the Klonopin and my head is so much clearer and my memory has dramatically improved.I don't think it is from your years of not studying, but that's just my opinion.
Good luck!
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the drugs I take do the same thing.. or I should say did the same thing.. I have now been on them for over 2 yrs and my memory has gotten back to almost 100%
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I used to take zoloft, and now I am taking celexa.  I stopped the zoloft because of forgetfullness.  My dr. informed me that celexa may have the same forgetfullness effects, but they are not as severe as the zoloft effects were for me.  The relief from depression, stess and anxiety are well worth a bit of memory failure to me.  My family knows this is due to the medication, so they understand. I now put things away in the exact spot where they belong, so I WON'T lose them (like car keys!).
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