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Beta Blocker without weight gain

I am bi-polar who fights mania and depression.  I take Lamictal 300 mg and this slows me down.  I have never been over the top either way, but this helps - I quite smoking in 2007 and this trigged a ripple that I could not control.  I take 10mg of Lexapro for the depression and GAD.  I have fought MILD anxiety all my life.  I can not take a benzo - anything of this nature is too addictive for me and caused immediate withdrawal (not an option).  I also take Buspar for anxiety.  When that did not work entirely, my doctor put me on Propanolol (enderal?).  I take it twice a day morning and night - 15mg each.  Things are great except occassional anxiety with espresso (I know better, but sometimes its so good)  The real side effect?  Horrific weight gain for someone who already fights her weight.  I know Lexapro is known for this which is why I take only 10mg and went on Buspar and Lamictal as my reseach indicated both are neutral.  I really like how I feel.  I read something, but now can't find it, where there is a new Beta Blocker in the same catergory that started with an "o" I believe, and is not to supposed to create a weight gain - please help me.  the weight gain of 30 lbs has casued knee pain, back pain - my 5'4 frame can't carry 200 lbs at 46 years old.
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I am a bit confused.  I am not sure why you are looking for a new beta blocker since beta blockers do not usually cause weight gain.  I think you should consider changing your dose or changing your antidepressant Lexapro altogether.
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