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Big Accomplisher but can't Handle Small Tasks?

I do things that make a lot of people say, "how do you do that?" but I struggle to accomplish the things most people accomplish without difficulty. For example, I've secured high responsibility positions for employment at a young age, lead a youth ministry while working full-time, and lead various web-based projects.
But I have a really hard time however with small tasks - cooking, paying bills, vacuuming, changing the cat litter. Am I just lazy?
Additionally, I find that I am extremely productive sometimes, but then experience long periods of non-productivity. I can accomplish in a few hours what might take someone else two days, but then I find myself in a funk for a day or two (or five) thereafter.
I do have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, but am on medication (prozac, previously zoloft), and seem to have some sort of almost continuous low-lying depression.
I should also note that I come from a large family. Most of the other members don't have OCD, though some do. Some don't have depression. But even those who seem to function well in almost all other aspects struggle with procrastination.
Any direction would be appreciated. I've spent time with a psychologist, various counselors, and a psychiatrist evaluating these issues and am very functional, yet still experience a decent amount of internal anguish over my seeming inability to overcome this underlying continual funk and the heavy aversion to normal tasks.
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Once again, a member of the forum,Jaquta has given you some good solid advice. I would only add a general  insight about these kind of things that might be useful.  Whenever there is a set of behaviors that you think you should do, but you don't do, you should think of it as a conflict within you.  Your adult judgement tells you to take full responsibility and satisfy your own values of conduct; another part of you rebels, says I don't want too, and I shouldn't have too.  that's where you should focus your attention...get in touch with the rebel who refuses, and ask why at the moments it is happening, and then you will find the pathway to change.
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Anxiety can distract from other issues.

For me, my anxiety is the result of splits (good/ bad, black/ white, all-or-nothing).
When I split things they become extremely chaotic and I have trouble structuring or organizing things.
People with ocd are said to have healthier defense mechanisms, I am not sure whether this would be true for yourself or not.

A goal for me in therapy has been to integrate all these fragmented/ split off parts.

A lot of people I have spoken to with mental health issues claim to have issues with organization.

I felt I could relate in a small way with some of the things you said.  It reminded me of when my mother broke her back and sustained severe head injuries.  I felt in control when I watched my mum seizing and saw her stop breathing and being intubated.  Other less significant things and I feel a mess.  Maybe there is more structure in crises?

Do you think you're just lazy?
Is the funk due to fatigue or could it be due to say something like a lack of planning?
It sounds like you need challenges to motivate you.

Most people have issues with procrastination at some time.
I expect there will be some emotional link holding you back from doing those tasks.  Do you perhaps feel too superior to do them?  Just asking.  I don't know what prevents you from doing them.  Maybe a lack of time-management or maybe just a lack of mindfulness.  Do you stop very often and just smell the roses?  Without rushing.  Maybe you rush to control things?  Just a thought.

I was given some good advice which you could equally apply to your situation.  I was told to notice every time I wanted to binge (for you that could be avoid), then ask myself why I needed to do it then.  He said that's where I''ll get the insights I need.
That gem was from Dr Gould.  I hope I haven't butchered it too much.

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