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Breathing anxiety

If someone can help me out with my problem I'd REALLY appreciate it. Here it goes: For the past week I have had some kind of difficulty breathing. Instead of me breathing subconsciously, I am doing it manually all the time, and it feels really bad. I know its mental because when I occupy my mind doing something it goes away and I breath, without me knowing it. But when I am not doing anything it seems that I am just concentrated on my breathing, and cant think of anything else. I pass the whole day like this, and unless I am doing something, I am going thru a living HELL. I really hope that someone can help me out,because I just dont know what else to do
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It is extremely likely that you are having  exacerbated anxiety attacks because of the september 11 tragedy, and the loss of safety that comes from that. Talk more about that with your friends and family...let your emotions and fears come out in the open...and discuss them. That will help you the most.
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Thats impossible because it happened the night before that even happened. I just woke up one night like that. And since then its like im focused on my breathing and i cant breath naturally. Its like i force my breaths out and am obsesses with breathing right but i cant
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I have been reading through this website and came upon the breathing question. My anxiety started out with this basic problem and then overtime...months/year it turned into heart racing, trembling, clausterphobic feelings, dying feelings and basically feeling like I was going crazy (my mind going a million miles an hour. I was put on prozac by a GP which landed me in the emergency room w/ severe anxiety (only after two doses. I have been seeing a pyschiatrist and pyschologist (husband and wife team) who are very good but very much into meds and then therapy after the mind has calmed. Well, due to bad effect of prozac I have been scared of other anti-deppresants but do take valium. It helps calm me but it doesn't necessarily take away the fears associated w/ anxiety. I also think the prozac created some suicidal thoughts and obsessive problems which are very low level. My doc's feel like I probably have always had generalized anxiety but a series of female medical problems reared the ugly monsters head.
I am now thinking about going on Sinequan because it seems to be one of the TCA's that doesn't list anxiety as a side effect. Is this a good choice?
But i would suggest to the person w/ the breathing problem to seek help before it turns into more...I know what your going through and it seems you do get fixated on breathing. I hope you work it out!
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Well, 2 weeks ago I went to a hypnotist and he programmed this into my mind: 1.each time i breath i breath better 2. im going to feel better etc.. I really dont know anymore if my breathing anxiety is an actualy problem, or its mental. But i will say that it is a living hell. Its like I cant breath naturally, Im focused on my breathing, its like i do it manually, and now my stomach bounces like if its gasping for air. If somebody can please give me some advice on what I should do I'd really appreciate it.
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Hi again!
I know in my previous message I didn't really help you with your breathing question. I think it is pretty mental. I go through periods where my anxiety is low but still have the breathing problem. It does make you feel like you are manually breathing when it should be a non thought process and it does hurt your insides. I have seen my GP about this. She listens to my lungs and hears no problem. Go to your general doctor and have it checked out or see a behavioral therapist.Maybe try an antidepressant. It may seem like you aren't "stressed" but some signal in your body is saying you are. When it starts you need to learn how to tell your self to stop and that you can breathe normally w/o any mental help. Try to get up and get busy or start a conversation w/ someone...that tends to help me. Try to stop this before it comes full blown into anxiety attacks where you feel like your suffocating and can't breathe.
Has the hypnosis helped at all?
I have thought about doing that myself.
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Well compared to how I was feeling before I feel a little better.But the breathing anxiety is still there. My mom says just dont pay attention to it, think about something else. Yeah, its pretty easy for her to say that because she is not going thru what I am. Sometimes I am looking outside and I just say 'I really love life', but this breathing problem really pisses me off. I was wondering, do you have the same problem? If so, how did it start. For me it just started one night. I just woke up and had a problem breathing. If i were to choose between all the money in the world, and having my normal life back, i'd pick having my life back, because all the money in the world cant buy love, and happiness, it just buys things. Sometimes I pray to God that I will get amnesia and forget about my breathing, and forget all the traumatic experiences I have experienced in my lifetime. Also I was wondering, how does it feel for you? Is it constant, or is it periodically. I try to be in a good mood so that I wont worry my mother, but its really hard. I feel like someone has taken my life away. The hypnosis has helped a little, but its not what I expected. Maybe I should go hypnotize myself again?
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