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Good morning Doctor.  Thankyou for sharing your wisdom with us.  My question to you is, I am now in the middle of week 3 on the the Celexa (I changed from Zoloft after 6 months due to the constant anxiousness) last I spoke with you, you encouraged me to give the med an additional 3 weeks to receive full benefit.  I am prepared to do that, I was just wondering if the tingling and undercurrent of anxiety is due to the initial side effects of Celexa, or if I could be responding to it as I did the Zoloft?
I didn't want to quit taking it too soon for the simple fact it might help.  I need your advise.  Many thanks.
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Dara, all of the ssri antidepressant medications operate on at least three different chemical systems in the brain, and one of them speeds up and accelerates the system, giving you both a boost in mood and a little of the anxious feeling. If it is not too bad or too pronounced, it will fade away. If its awful, you will have to change a again.  Also, anxiety is part of depression, and it may be that is the cause, and will go away. As long as the anxiety is blunted, rather than acute and inhibiting, the medication is working.
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Dara....I've just recently been put on Celexa as well, and I would like to talk with you about your experiences so far...please email me at ***@****.  Thanks! :o)
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I too have been put on Celexa I am approaching week 3. Please email me as well so we maybe call all share notes.. ***@****.

Have a great weekend..
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I am starting Selexa tomorrow.  I am going on 20mg a day.  I haven't been on any antidepressant for 2 years.  I tried effexor..paxil..and a few others. My worst fear is that I will gain weight again from them and that is the main reason why I don't like taking them.  But I do need something. I have terrible pms.  Any suggestions?  Feel free to email me.  ***@****

Thanks  A
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I have been taking Paxil (10 Mg) for the last 6 months.  I started taking it for anxiety after I was diagnosed with benign PVC's, which means my heart "skips a beat".  The Paxil has worked very well in reducing anxiety and giving me a calmer feeling.  I really haven't had true "depression" in my life, but have suffered from OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)all of my life. The only side effect (yes, I have lost hair from it but just keep my hair shorter now) is the decreased libido.  My sex drive is null and void.  My husband bears with me, but I really don't know what to do, so my doctor suggested lowering the Paxil to 5 mg to see if that helps, and if not, to go on Celexa 10 mg.  Has anyone had a similar problem?
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I was just prescribed Celexa and Xanax for depression and social anxiety today. After reading the horror stories about xanax I've decided not to start it at all. I think that alot of my social difficulties stem from my depressed mood rather than true anxiety. I took my first dose of Celexa today (20mg) Within about an hour the fog lifted and my mind was clearer than it had been in years. It's now about 10 hours later and I still feel very alert and clear not jittery or nervous just alert. I also noticed that my pupils are dilated (larger) than normal. I'm interested to see how I sleep tonight. I have read that Celexa isn't supposed to take affect for a few weeks. Are my reactions a placebo effect or just excitement about finally doing something about the depression I've lived with for the majority of my life. Should I cut my dose back a little and ease into this.

Take care y'all
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