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Can years of mental and verbal abuse cause permanent depression

I was in a marriage where my spouse became verbally and mentally abusive during the last 9 years before we split up. Since then I have had depression, I cannot function without anti-depressants.

I have many features of ptsd, flashbacks etc. could this a use have caused permanent damage to my brain?  I had a post partum depression 30 years ago and then was fine for 17 years.  If it hasn't the. Why can't I function without anti-depressants?  
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I am sorry about what you have been through in life and can appreciate your need to be off anti-depressants. If you have a history of post-partum depression, then yes, repeated verbal and mental abuse can take its toll. In fact for any human being repeated verbal and mental abuse can have depressive effect.

It is difficult to say whether the depression is permanent or not. It depends on how you respond to treatment. If you have symptoms of PTSD and flash backs, then psychotherapy involving cognitive behavior therapy, ways to manage stress, and counseling will definitely help make you strong mentally and emotionally. Cognitive behavior therapy will help you modify your response to stress and develop a positive approach to life.

Please discuss this aspect of your treatment with your doctor. A detailed evaluation by a psychiatrist and psychologist will help modulate your combined treatment better and assess your progress. With time, psychotherapy may help reduce your need for medications. Also, if you respond well to the combined approach to medication and psychotherapy, you may be off medication.

Since you were able to overcome post-partum depression, you may be able to overcome this as well. Find something you like in life and do that. Take up hobbies, keep yourself busy and surrounded by people who can positively motivate you.

Hope you feel better soon! Good Luck and take care!
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Why is it when a doctor gives a patient a bad drug like levaquin or cipro to a patient and then that patient has a reaction to the drug the doctor will deny that adverse effect and just say its depression
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