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Causes of mental problem

Dr. Gould, hello.

I have a question regarding psychotic episodes.  For those without a known cause (drug abuse, medication, etc.), what are the causes and theories out there for the cause of this?  Also, what kinds of help treat this condition and keep it from coming back?

Thank you.

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The model in use for psychosis depends on the type, the extent, and other factors. In general an episode is seen as a kind of explosion of feelings and thoughts that are tied to real life problems that have been suppressed or avoided.  The tendency to this kind of episode is based on some combination of genetic and environmental factors. An episode may be a single episode and not require anything  after it is completed, or part of another complex that does need to be treated.
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bump for Dr.
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Definitely not the doctor but just some thoughts.

They could be due to an undiagnosed psychiatric condition.  Where do you start there, there are a lot of them.  (Postpartum psychosis, bipolar, schizophrenia, bpd, severe depression, drug or medically induced, ...)

It is best to be assessed by a psychiatrist who can conduct a thorough exam.

Sometimes stress is enough just to push someone over the edge.  It is best to discuss your own situation with the doctor though as it will be unique.

Treatments depend on the cause or type of illness.  Anti-psychotic medications may be considered.

Any psychotic episode needs to be discussed with a doctor.
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Can I get an answer to my question?
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Yes.  The doctor will respond when he has time.  Be patient.
If you have time to kill perhaps you could research your own question.

I know it can be difficult waiting until an expert answers your question but I'm sure they do the best they can.
I sometimes find it hard when posts aren't answered as regularly as I would like them to be but I do trust this forum expert and I know he'll respond when he can.

If you want general advice and support you could try one of the community forums.
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