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Celexa & Sexual Disfunction

I've read that there is sexual side effects with Celexa, but my question is will this go away?? I've been on Celexa for 2 weeks, I've tried to have sex twice now- I'll get right to the point of an orgasm and nothing...its like all the feeling goes away. Getting frustrated!! I NEVER have had any problems but now I do..I love the way I feel on Celexa, Im losing weight (which is a plus)..I just don't like the sexual side...if this is a temporary side effect that would be wonderful!! If this isn't temporary I think I need to look into something else.
Please help!!
Thank You
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This is the kind of sexual side effect assosiated with Celexa...and its hard to predict whether it will go away...in most cases, it will go away or diminish enough in about four weeks...so if you like themedication, you should probaby stick with it a few more weeks to see what happens....
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I have been on Celexa since December 4 2008 and I have the same exact problem. Time has not had any effect for me, I hope it diminishes the problem for you.  I have been on several different SSRIs and they all do this to me.  I was on Wellbutrin before starting Celexa and am still on  it.  It has not helped the sexual dysfunction at all.  Some doctors will recommend a 'drug holiday' where you stop the pills for a few days in order to enjoy sex, but I believe Celexa has a long half life, and this strategy did not work for me. By the time I was off it long enough to have an orgasm, my depression had returned with a vengeance.  Other than this problem and also restless legs I feel fine on the Celexa. But after another failed attempt to pleasure me, my husband said, "you have to get off that medicine, it's wrecking everything."  My pdoc is at a loss to help me.  It's a cruel choice.
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