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Celexa and Adderall

I have been taking celexa since december 2008 at 40 mg a day along with 25 mg of adderall xr I seem to have been doing good for awhile then it seemed not to be so effective anymore. I told my psychatrist about this and she told me that she does not know why it seems to work for a while then not be so effective, before taking celexa I was taking wellbutrin Sr 300 mgs, before that I was on lexapro 20 mgs one time a day, I had the same results with this drug as well, I was diagnosed with a mild form of depression. I am thinking maybe the adderall is to strong? The reason why I am on a 25 mg dose instead of 20 mgs is because I was drinking to much caffeine and my psychatrist did not want me drinking so much caffeine. I stopped drinking caffeine for a couple of months while taking the wellbutrin and I felt lousey I would hardly smile or cared to do anything, My psychologist said that it seems that I need stimulation so it should help to be on a higher dose of adderall XR, I am wondering if the celexa is to high of a doseage? Any advice is welcomed

Thank you
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Adjustment of dosage is an artform best left to you and your psychiatrist. In my experience, when antidepressants stop working, as in your case, its because the underlying source of the depression has not yet been explored with your psychologist/talk therapist.  The medication only masks the symptoms, but you have to discover and deal with the cause in order to get over your depression....
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I'm not sure.
An average starting dose of celexa is 20 mg.  40 mg sounds high for someone with mild depression.  It's possible it's appropriate in your situation.

-You may have developed a tolerance
-Either one or both of the drugs could be affecting the other
-It could be psychological symptoms that present at the same time

A community mental health nurse gave me a handout on depression.  It had stuff about plateaus, etc.
I don't think recovery is all about constant improvements.  You have peaks and troughs and plateaus.

The doctor is likely to be able to identify what is going on and offer advice.

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