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Celexa and anxiety question.

I am taking 10mg of Celexa, I have noticed that I sweat alot more and have trouble sleeping, is this normal and how long should it last. Also I have GAD and Depression, but sometimes I feel like I cannot take a deep breath, doctor said I am chest breathing. Have you ever heard of this and can you explain it to me. Thank You
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The sleeping problems with celexa usually wear
off after a few months.   If you are taking the celexa at bedtime, you should
switch to am dosing.  the sweating problem is a bit more difficult to deal
with. it has a tendency to persist, and there are usually no effective
The breathing difficulties you describe may be induced by the celexa;
its a rare side effect and has no particular remedy and tends to persist. YOu
might do better on another antidepressant.
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i've been taking celexa for 1+yrs.  at first i had difficulty sleeping and switched to taking med in the AM.  Worked for me.

I've decided to get off meds.  Did it cold.  Am having flu-like symptoms and feeling extremely emotional.  Is it safe to ride it out?
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i started to take celexa and noticed the sweating more often as well.i suppose its better than dealing with anxieties.my dreams are definitly more vivid as well.
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