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Coming completely off abilify completly.

hi, im jessica 19 and currently im taking a small dose tablet form of abilify (aripiprazole) which was given against my will over in Australia here in a hospital.due to intake of a few small drugs, however i don't agree and never ever have ,that detoxing my body should be treated by medication and that it should have been done more natual for sure.

Went into the hospital here at 15 years of age, an adolescent ward and was diagnosed wrong so i KNOW.. based on family genetics?? ..
i was diagnosed a mild schizophrenic.

I am usually and always have been a healthy relaxed fit spirit and i need to know HOW do i  stop from taking these pills 5mg abilify , is there any advice worth hearing regarding this as i wish for my life to not stay as it is at the moment.

Also i have gained so so much weight and making my life a lot more harder than need BE

i would greatly appreciate ANY advice or help regarding this.

Thank you.
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My advice to you is to see a new doctor now that you are older, ask for a complete evaluation and recommendation.  That is the safest and best way to handle this.
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