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Constant muscle shaking...anxiety disorder

Four months ago, I started having vertigo attacks with muscle shaking, out of the blue, short lived. My PCP diangnosed me with reactive hypoglycemia even though my blood work was in normal range. I then started havign the symptoms separately, and thought it could be something else. Then I noticed muscle shaking that never totally went away. Does not shake at rest, seems postural, worse during anxiety, worse in the mornings,and is usually just my arms and hands, but can be my thighs and back...very similiar to a typical nervous shaking, but less intense. PCP sent me for brain MRI which was normal, thyroid and liver blood work normal.So since I am a general worrier, he decide to try Zoloft. 2 Days into the Zoloft, I woke in the night to extreme shaking, then waves of sweats, and bunring sensation over my body that came in 30 second waves over an hour or two,but no feeling of doom, or total panic, but high levels of anxiety.I felt I was having an adverse reaction to Zoloft. I stopped taking the Zoloft after two doses.Anxiety built for several days worrying over this "attack". Eventually put me on .5mg low dose of Xanax XR, and that helped after several days. Now seeing a therapist for anxiety, and tried to stop taking the xanax twice...was fine at home, but away from home anxiety was high, though no specific fear. Although each time the anxiety was slightly better. I feel just like myself and at ease even away from home with just this small dose of Xanax.

Two questions...most important, could this constant muscle shaking(which the xanax helps) be just built up anxiety over worrying about my medical condition? I've heard of isolated muscle shaking, but not constant. It would help greatly if I could put my worries about the likelihood it being something more complicated behind me , so I would like your opinion. I think the shaking started after I was worrying about soemthing like MS, but I was under control and happy...did not think I was stressing enough for that...maybe I've become good at hiding it from myself, and the Zoloft uncovered the true anxiety disorder?

Second, I have been a worrier all my life. I tend to dwell on the things I worry about(although I don't worry about everything, just the things I attach to I worry excessively over) and that has been the big problem with this incident. I was happy and coping with my worries before the "Zoloft" reaction, and now it's difficult to deal with the anxiety without the Xanax. Should I just take a few weeks while using the Xanax to heal? I am so eager to get off the med and be back to the way I was just a few weeks ago, I think I may be making it worse by trying too soon, worrting if I can handle without the Xanax, then feeling like I've failed. WIll I have withdrawl probelms later on with such a small dose of Xanax? (.5 mg XR) Thank You!!!!
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Yes, the shaking can definetly be just from anxiety...in fact, as  you read through previous notes in this forum you will see plenty of descriptions just like yours.

Any anitdepressant can have a paradoxically effect of creating anxiety because of the stimulating effect of the medication, and this is probably what happened to you. I would stay on the xanax as long as you need it, not rush to get off, and taper off slowly even though you are taking such a small dose.
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BOY, WE ARE TWO PEAS IN A POD!  Read the post right below yours.  I have been on the .5 Xanax at bedtime for 13 years and I am THANKFUL for it.
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I, too, had the muscle shaking, extreme dizziness, sweating, etc. when starting Zoloft.  I also had confusion, insomnia, and a terrible headache.  The anxiety about how I felt and the worry about what was happening to me was excruciating.  The worst symptoms subsided within about 3 days, but it was a long 3 days!  Taking the med. in the morning helped the insomnia and the shaking/tremors.  The Xanax really helped me "get over the hump" and I only take it PRN now.  I have been on the Zoloft now for 3 weeks and almost all side effects have subsided.  I can't believe I have stuck with it that long, but it is really beginning to work for me.  It is really difficult, but try to stick with it.  It may be worth it for you in the long run.
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You sound like me I also have posted here and I think I am 99 percent sure it constant worry
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Thank you so much to all of you, it really helps!And thanks to the Doc, because as we all know, continued worry about a medical condition can make anxiety so much worse, and his agreement with my primary doc that even constant muscle shaking is just built up anxiety is quite a reassurance. I am starting to employ daily exercise, deep relaxation, breathing exerxise to combat the cumulative stress that got me here...I can leave the house without the xanax even though it's uncomfortable, but it sure is helpful to take it to prevent tme from fearing I will get depressed, and never get my life back... I know that I will, and I wish you all hope and positive thoughts. Thank you!
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I too have been having similar problems.  I worry to darn much!!!  I worry about worrying...lol   I started to have some anxiety over the Holidays, I visited the ER like 4x's in November and was transported 2x's by Ambulance.  Of course, once I got to the hospital I felt very "safe" cause I knew I was going to be taken care of.

In one of those visits the ER Doc prescribed Xanax .5mg... what a relief!  Finally something to calm me down.  I get stress build up in the middle of my upper neck between the shoulder blade.  I now experience pain in my left side of my arm as well as some slight numbness.  My next thing to worry about... gotta go see a neurologist.

I felt so ashamed to have gone to the ER so many times thinking I might be having a Heart Attack!  I'm 43yrs old. I feel like I need 3 months off of work just to get better.  I'm already menopausal and feel like I'm 50!  I'm on HRT(hormone replacement therapy) and that makes me anxious! (the fact that I'm taking the pills not the treatment itself).  All kinds of test have been done, chest x-rays, blood work, ct scans, mri's , stress test ... you name it I've done it and all NORMAL!  (dont get me wrong i'm happy about this) but then i worry somebody is missing something.

I've seen my cardiologist who says I'm fine... I do have heart palpitation from time to time (which also makes me anxious) was told I had a very small heart murmur.  Sometimes I get dizzy spells for whatever reasons, some chest pain but not a squeezing pain.  

Been told I might have Panic dsd... ~sigh~ what a way to live your life!  I hate it and want to stop worrying so much... What do you all recommend?

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hello everyone, my name is divine i am a 26yr old female. dont quite no where to start so please forgive in advance. on 2/16/200, ill never forget the date i had a nervous breakdown. followed by 2yrs of anxiety attacks. with the help of a friend i was able to become med free. well in january i lost my job, making fairly above avg money. i have been trying not to be stressed. lately i have noticed my hands trembling, i have had more time on my hands to worry. at first i thought something was physically wrong with me. i was in denial. it wasnt until a couple of nights ago i noticed my hand trembling i got scared and boy did i have a huge panic attack i was shaking out of control. i know i need to occupy my mind. any suggestions. i am so afraid of going on meds again. i suffer from anxiety all day long and when i think about i shake more. its really uncomfortable because i never experienced the shaking before except during an attack i think now i suffer from anxiety and begin to tremble without realizing it and sometime i dont shake until i notice that i am not shaking. i really dont want to go on meds again i had a really hard time. can anyone help with natural relaxation tips for anxiety , like yoga or something. please help me.
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   Hello Dr. Well I am having alot of problems in my marriage...We have been married for 3 years and have a son who just turned 1. My Husband is Japanese and we currently live in Japan.   The first year of our marrige was wonderful....I think. But not soon after that has everything changed. He`s never wanting to talk about his work nor social life or even simple talking. He gets verbal, always putting me down(I have lot control of my confidence) And is very demanding. I have been having breathing problems and they sometimes last the whole day. I feel myself soo scared to speak to him sometimes afraid of what he`ll think. I know there is only one answer to this but I just dont know how to do it......I dont know what will happen with our son and I do not want our son to have to live like this.  I just feel like I want to be loved and feel appriciated....I live in a country where men come first and then the woman...and speaking of Foreign woman...thats another question. I do not have any support here seeing that they really dont do it here. I am just stuck.......

                 I dont know I should do......
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