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Depression/ sexual desire

I have been on Zoloft 100mg and2.5mg of Zyprexa . They seemed to work for a time and do feel alot better. however, my sex drive ( which had diminished even before medicationis gone) there is a deep sense of sadness too because my husband is extremely angry with me about this!which just puts me into more depression He thinks if i dont give myself intimately i dont love him.Why do you lose your sex drive when you are depressed? I dont like being this way! What is depression?Ive been in counciling but we cannot afford the co pay anymore . or so my husband says.he thinks counciling doesnt help and unfortunetly hes the one i get money from .Are there any programs out there that require limited funds?
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Dear Looking for answers,

It must be difficult trying to cope with so many stresssors.

Decreased sex drive may be a symptom of depresssion (along with depressed mood, lack of energy, sleep disturbance, feelings of guilt or hopelessness and other symptoms). Decreased sexual drive may also be caused by medical illness or medications.

Zyprexa and Zoloft may both cause decreased sex drive.

In most cases if the decreased sexual drive is due to depression, than when depression improves with treatment than the sexual desire should improve.
Sometimes it doesn't and different treatment strategies should be offered. There are medications which may improve your sex drive, such as Wellbutrin.

It is best to discuss your concerns with a psychiatrist.

If you are having financial difficults, you may contact the local Community Mental Health, through local government or a local hospital.

Best Wishes,

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It usually is from the meds.  I have been on depression meds for 11 years or so.  Almost all of them, except my current one, serzone, have caused a sexual side effect in one way or another.  Usually for men, it causes erectile and ejaculatory problems, as far as women, not too sure, but I bet it affects women too.

Try another medication, sometimes it takes a little time to find the right one, it took me about 8 or 9 meds to find one that was good for me.
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Dave gave me a comment about the meds being the reason for lack of sexual drive and to try other med.like serzone. Ive tried many differnt med and serzone made me feel worst,I also had this problem before the meds too.
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Your husband seems to be trying to find alot of excuses why you cannot get future help. He doesn't sound very supportive in your efforts to improve your mental health. If my husband or boyfriend kept nagging me rather than helping with comfort and understanding I would dump him fast. Luckily I never had much of a sex drive even without any medications! I have better things to do with my life than satisfy a mans needs daily.
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No mY husband has not been supportive ,but im a christian and I do not believe in divorce!
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I do not believe God wants any of us to suffer. But we have to help ourselves. It sounds like your depression may be caused by your situation of being trapped in a crappy marriage. Only fear of the unknown will keep you from divorce, not the fear of the Church or what the Catholics think. I can assure you it is better to be alone than in an unhealthy, un-supporting relationship. There are plenty of fish in the deep blue sea! If you want to feel better, you may have to take that big step. I know it would be unpleasant, but you are living with unpleasant relentless depression now that probably would get better once you take that step out of the hole you are in! You may want to consider co-dependants anonymous meetings. That may give you some guidance on your relationship problem. Co-dependants anonymous is free.
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