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My boyfriend Ryan was diagnosed with severe depression, ADD, and social anxiety almost 2 years ago.  Since then he's been on wellbutrin, strattera, lexapro, prozac, buspar, & ritalin with no change.  He took the depression meds for at least 2 months at a time before changing.  

For about 9 month's he's been on zoloft (least side effects for him) & now nortriptilene to help intensify the effect.  He's been taking the Nortrip since May and there's no change.  He was going to a behavioral therapist as well for about 3 months in the winter.  Nothing is working for him.  He's also on Adderal & Dexadrine for the ADD which only helps him a little in general.

It's all extremely frustrating for he and myself.   He seems more sedated now than ever.  He has to take many naps throughout the day, is always tired feeling and has an extremely hard time falling asleep at night. He has no sex drive at all anymore.
One of his main troubles is a lack of motivation.  If he's so sedated from the Nortrip & Zoloft, how's he supposed to feel motivated?  

His psychiatrist is supposed to be one of the best around LA, but I cant help to think he's not getting it either.  Can you recommend another in LA please?  And explain why?  Also is there anything else he can do?  

He did try a Biofeedback doctor in Beverly Hills but said it was a serious joke... Please Help!

Thank you
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He might be better off without any medications at this point...if you want me to evaluate him, ask him to call me at my u.c.l.a office at 310 824 0622.
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I was suffering from a similar situation, I was helped a great deal by treating my hypoglycemia and thyroid issues. This is often overlooked by the doctors before firing off prescriptions. You may want to get him tested for both disorders.
Hope this helps....
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