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Depression Hereditary?

Some people in my family suffer from depression or should I say some admit it and are seeking treatment.   Namely my Aunt, Sister and my daughter.  Is it hereditary?  Should I have my other younger daughter evaluated?  Is depression something that you tell a new physician is a family illness?    For the sake of my future grandchildren and nephews/nieces I need to know.

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It is not hereditary in the ordinary sense that there is a specific gene involved, at least in most cases. Some people do have different brain chemistries, which can predispose to depression, but depression also has very much to do with how ones life is working, and whether one's dreams are coming true, and if not,how to accomodate. I would not evaluate your younger daughter unless she shows clear signs of depression.
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I asked this question a few months back and was told the tone and sensitivity of your nerves would be what made it heredity.
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Genetic component for depression:
If a 1st relative has it, then you are 3-10 times as likely to get some form of it.
In MZ twins, there's about 69% chance that one will get it if the other one has the depression.
In DZ twins, there's about 13% chance that one will get it if the other one has the depression.
The general public has a 2-6% chance of getting it.
Environmental and stress issues may produce depression, but whether you have inherited it or if you were simply pre-disposed to get it due to life's problems is a matter of controversy.
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My mom has depression and I am not sure I want to bother her with my problems(which I think I have it 2) Im only 12 and I completely hate my life even though it is almost perfect! Do I have it also?
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Hi, I think that I've suffered with depression since I was 12 years old. My symptoms tend to not only manifest themselves in the way I percieve myself but also physically. I spent many years pretending that not being able to sleep at night and sleeping the day away was normal; at times I suffer from sever back pain, headaches, upset stomaches and fatigue.
I was wondering wether or not this is a hyreditary condition that I am suffering from. There is an extensive family history of women in my family suffering from depression. My mother has struggled with it for some years, as has my maternal grandmother and my maternal great grandmother.
I'm now 19 years old and about 6 months ago I went to see my local GP who prescribed me some mild anti-depressants. These had physical side effects which caused me at times to have severe stomache upsets and cramps, she tried me on 2 more similar anti-depressants and all had a similar effect and at times even made me feel suicidal. I stopped taking these and tried to cope with it on my own, but if anything I'm worse than I was before.
If you could give me any advice about possible treatments or wether or not you think that this is hereditary or not I would be most obliged.

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