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Diagnosed with anxiety

So now that I have been offically diagnosed with Anxiety related
chest pains,palps, hot flashes etc...  I have tried SSR's,Buspar
which I thought worked the best but kind of stopped working and the SSR's made me sick. What else is there for me to try? I take ativan now and that works but I can't take that long term can I?
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There is a medication like Ativan which you can take longer, it is called klonopin. You should also try psychotherapy and not rely on the medication alone.
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I have been given clonazepam, after ativan and zyprexa, it seems to have no effect. What is the max dosage I cantake.  My doctor refuses to persribe xanax.  Please help
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Hi, I have been on Buspar since March this year. I have found that I do not know if this medicine is ok for me either. I take it twice a day, and I think that the one tablet I take in the evening makes me tired. It has gotten better the longer I take it. The problem is I don't know if I should be taking something else, my problems seem to be more of an obsessive compulsive nature, (picking skin off of my fingers) I have been picking for almost 30 years now. This combined with my constant thoughts of death. I have real problems with my self dying and leaving my children without their mother. I have problems with death all together I think. Does anyone think that their would be a better medicine for me out there thanBuspar ??? My doctor said she would try something else if this didn't work, I don't know how I should feel. I have ecezma so the picking is making my fingers look gross. PLEASE HELP>>>

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