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Effexor & Depression

I have been on and off an Effexor/Lamictal  combination for a number of years - going off of it when I've lost health insurance or just can't afford it. This time around I've been on it about 1  1/2 years and due to paperwork issues, my new prescription didn't arrive per usual, so my psychiatrist had me immediately go from 600 mg effexor to 300 mg, and now to 150 mg in less then a week. I've also gone down from 450 mg of lamictal to 150 mg. Ironically I have not suffered any of the usual side effects that I have had before and am wondering if Effexor/Lamictal have lost their effect on me. I know I have had some difficult depressive episodes over the past six months, but thought it was just the holidays. I know when I went onto them this time around I didn't feel as good as I had in the past. Paxil, Prozac, etc don't work for me b/c they stop working after a few months. So have I seen the last of Effexor's effects, and if so, where do I go from here... my psychiatrist hasn't been helpful in this regard. thanks
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the fact that you have no side effects when you go off the medication is not a reflection of the potency of the medication .many people can go all these medications without any side effects.  You sound to me as if you are overly reliant on the medications to control your mood.  Remember that you have a mind also and you can solve problems and deal with relationships and all of that influences your mood.
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Hello. Those sound like high initial doses in my non professional opinion, I'm on 150mg effexor and 100mg lamictal, and when I ran out of effexor for 4 days I thought I was losing my mind. It is possible that the meds have lost some of their effectiveness, but if you have only been off them for a few days, you may still go through withdrawal. Its always best to taper off these meds. Keep us posted and take care, GM
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