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Effexor XR - Withdrawal Symptoms

I have been taking Effexor XR for a total of about three months including the transition from 37.5 miligrams up to 150 miligrams but am weening myself back off of it.  I still had some 75 miligrams left so I started taking them about a week ago.  I felt a little agitated yesterday morning at work and I almost snapped at someone which just doesn't happen normally or if ever in the 20 years I have been there.  Then I forgot to take a pill yesterday.  By yesterday evening I started feeling a little low and by the time bedtime came around (9:30 'ish), I was feeling snappy again.  This morning, I woke up dizzy, with a headache, was feeling somewhat nauseous during the night and my eyes feel heavy.  I am also emotional.  I will definitely be taking my pill today.  My question is...since I have only been on the drug for a short time (which didn't help weight gain...I seem to gain weight every other day!), how long should the withdrawal symptoms last and will they be as severe as someone who has taken them for several years?
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You should not have to suffer so much. Go to your doctor and discuss each of these medications. Some, like klonopin,, are probably quite safe during pregnancy. Ask him or her about safe alternatives..do not treat yourself.
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I am 47 years old and I am pregnant.  I stopped taking my meds, effexor, clonapin, and seraquil, 3 days ago for fear of what it would do to the baby.  Today, wondering how bad this will get.  Have been on Effexor for over 5 years, seraquil for over 2 yrs and clonapin for about 1yr now.  Withdrawals have been compulsive sobbing, head fogginess, dissassociated feeling, sleeplessness, pain in neck, among others.  I am affraid to tapper off these meds as I am pregnant.  I pray to GOD  for comfort and this helps me a lot.  He helps me and comforts me.  Does anyone know how long these symptoms will lasts?  To those who are going through the same....PRAY GOD WILL HELP YOU.  I will pray for you also.
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To both of you above.....
Please work with your doctors before ceasing your medications.  They will help you thru it and you may need to stay on them.  
Pregnancy does complicate things.  Check this out prayforhelp.


Don't go thru this on your own...both of you!!  
I admire your strength and determination....us them to get help and push forward.
God Bless you..!
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It is nearing the end of day 4, God has pulled me through last night into the light!  Blessed is his name.  Call on him, he does not want you to suffer.  He loves you so much.  Please call on him.  I am doing fine today, just a little head fogginess all else is gone.  GOD bless you all and I will pray for him to help you.
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Hello, thanks for the info.  But, I am putting it in GODS hands.  I was unable to get pregnant and he blessed me with a child.  He has sent his angels to me several months ago to bring me back to him.  I am able to actually talk with them and they answer.  I know this sounds like " I realy need to be on medication", but it is so true.  He is a wonderful healer.  He is the light of life, through him all things are possible.  If you only call on him, he will help.  I thank him for his salvation.  I have read what everyone else is going through, and they are only getting off Effexor.  I have not suffered like them.  I have had a rough couple of days, don't get me wrong.  But, I grabbed my cross climbed into bed called out for my father in heaven and Jesus to help me and pull me into the light of his love and healing.  And, thank GOD I am better today and with him tomorrow is a sunny day.  Love to all, and GOD's blessings be with you.
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I am glad you are doing better today.
It is very common for people who are going thru mental distress, withdrawals, or other severe anxiety states to become very religious, have visions, visual and auditory hallucinations, and sound very much like you do.
HOWEVER,  I am a religious person too and it is during these very extreme times that the Lord sometimes comes to you and gives you the help that you need.
And it is in that same sense that I feel compelled to advise you to not go thru what you are going thru alone.  See a minister or priest if you really don't feel the need to discuss your health with a professional mental health care person.
You owe it to yourself and your unborn child to do everything you can to insure your future health and happiness.  You have nothing  to lose and everything to gain by seeking a
professional opinion.  
I'm praying for you both and may God bless you too!
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