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Effexor XR not working for anxiety

I'm on 300mg of Effexor XR a day for my anxiety/depression. When I was on a lower dose of 150mg a day it seemed to work at first. But it stoped working and as I increased, it hasn't been working.
I still get to nervous to pee even when I'm home alone. I am also still really nervous around girls and I'm still to nervous to get a full erection if i'm with someone. I think that's called performance anxiety. I have tryed Paxil in the past and cannot take it because it gave me a lot of bad side effects. I am allergic to it or something. I also tryed Ativan and that didn't do anything at all except make me tired. The Effxor XR has also given me sexual side effects in the higher doses. It decreased my sex drive almost to none and I can hardly get an erection. So I'm wondering what are some good meds for these problems I have? I heard Effexor XR is suppose to be the best med so does that mean the other meds will not work any better or is there still hope? And if there is still hope which meds do you suggest? I know this question is sloppy but I'm desperate and am in a hurry. Thanks in advance.
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The fact that Effexor is not working does not meant that the others will not. Each person reacts differently.  ASk your doctor about Wellbutrin in order to avoid the sexual side effects.  Try to keep your medications at the lowest dose rather than raising them too much if not work.  Combine drug treatment with psychotherapy..its the only real way you are going to conquer your social anxiety.

You can get some help with that at www.masteringstress.com or by a book or tape by Johnathan Berendt, phd.
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hi TreadFace

I am on effexor, too, 450 mg per day. i am manic depressiv and manic stuff was easy to heal but depression not. Finally i tested lithium and it works well for depression. although it is an old med and has bunch of side effects it has been the best med i have tested. i have tested benzos, neurolepts and many antidepressants. Effexor itself did not help at all.
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I was on Efferor for almost 2 years for postpardum depression 150mg in the morning and 75 mg in the afternoon it all of a sudden didn't (also the sexual disfunction was agravating the problem)I have now been put on Welbutron and it has started to work right away.  I am very sensitive to drugs so I was really leary to try it but I did and so far I am glad.  Just thought thought I'd let you know that from what I have heard it is common for the Effexor to "wear off"  But there are many other good antidepressants out there.  Don't give up and get to frustrated.
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Unfortunately most Doctors don't read the full insert for any medication. There is a simple enzyme test that will show whether you're enzyme P450/CYP2Dy that metabolizes the medication. The SSRI meds are metabolized by these enzymes and if not then you build up a toxic reaction. That is when you will experience the most severe side-effects like psychosis, Mania, hallucinations, decreased libido, etc.
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i have been suffering from depression many years ago, about 12 years ago...i had a very bad childhood and also all my life is full of trobles, finally i destroyed , i am now jsu a body without a soul..i tried to contact many doctors but i am poor man and i can hold the expensive after i had been tried several types of medicnes, the last doctor ask me to use the effexor 75 mg twice a day , but since it is too expensive i am talking only 1 table per day and i have been talking this kind from 2  month ago.. there was a littile cure according to my old case but i still feel all the time about my bad and painful moments i suffered and i can get out from my mind as it is happening daily , what i have to do ...all the time i am thinking , sleepless...and full of sadness...i want to know wether there is a hope to continue talking these tables and how much it will took..knowing that my case is old and ia m trying to get over it any way butit seem to be immpossible i guess..no i am sure i have to kill my self inorder to feel free from these pain in my mind and life ..i want to tell me what to do knowing that i tried many other mediciones...is there is a hope in keep talking effexor....and what about the period i will able to be free from my painful past.
thanking you .................kamal
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Yes there is always hope ! I know about being poor and needing medical help. It is very frustrating and depressing in itself. Please go to the emergency room as soon as possible. Tell them what you are feeling. There are programs to hep people with no money. Please go to the emergency room nearest you...NOW !!
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