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Effexor side effect?

I originally started taking Zoloft a few months ago to treat depression.

After no success at all with it, my toxipharmicologist switched me to Effexor XR.

I worked my way up to 150mg/day, and I am now up to 225mg/day, and it has had no effect.

Should I ask for my dosage to be increased again, or ask for a different medication (and if so, which one?  I've already tried two).

Also, I belive I am having hallucinations as a result of the Effexor.  I can hear people yelling my name every once and a while but when I turn around there is nobody there.
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Dear Anonymous

Patients on Effexor (venlafaxine) usually respond to a dose range of 150
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I am on Effexor extended release at 300mg per day. I was at 150 for a few months and I felt better but I was still having break through anxiety and depression.

My doctor decided to try double the dose first and within 2 weeks I felt great.

I am doing wonderful now and I hardly take the Ativan.

I would talk with your doctor on either trying a higher dose or adding  a benzodiazepine with the Effexor, such as Ativan.

I hardly have any side effects except for dry mouth,vivid dreams and head tightness/aches.

I wish you well,Julie
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i have been on 150mg of efexor xr for depression and i find that it has stopped working on me, but my doctor seems unwilling to try any higher dose or any other meds. i've also experienced hallucinations, but not only since i have been on efexor - i had them on other antidepressants too - maybe your experiences are just a feature of you illness changing, not the medication?
good luck with getting well,

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