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I have a friend who has been very sick for approximately 7 years.  Some of her symptoms are: rapid heart beat, burning in her legs & feet, hands & feet are always cold, continuous diahrrea, migraines, fatigue, & lack of appetite.  She has become very thin, and now experiences a lot of stress from worrying about "what is wrong with her?"  There is a lot of thyroid problems in her family.  Now she wonders if any of these symptoms could relate to thyroid conditions.  She is 45 years of age, and has 2 children.  Please reply with any information that could be of use.  Thankyou. :)
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   An overactive thyroid(hyperthyroidism) can cause palpitations, diarrhea, and weight loss.  An underactive thyroid can cause fatigue and cold sensitivity(hypothyroidism). This is a mixed bag that you describe and may not represent a thyroid problem at all.  It would be reasonable to have thyroid levels checked but would strongly encourage your friend to consult her primary care physician for further clarification of this problem.



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