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Feedback on treatment methods for panic/anxiety

I was diagnosed with panic disorder 6 years ago. This has led me to the point where i am now...an undergrad senior doing my
thesis on the treatment methods of panic disorder/anxiety. I understand what it is like to experience panic symptoms and all the difficulties that come along with it and I am hoping that you will help me. My question is for all panic/anxiety sufferers who may read this... What methods were offered
to you as treatment? Medication? Cognitive therapy? What did you try? Which were more helpful? What treatment had the most lasting effect? Do you feel underlying issues (emotional perhaps from your past) brought on this disorder for you? Or do you feel that your life wasperfect as you thought it could be when all of a sudden you found yourself short of breath, thinking you were going to die? I understand that these are personal questions and would greatly appreciate ANYTHING you may have to say about your experience. I've been through all methods and don't mindtalking about it, in fact it makes me feel better, but some are more private than others and thats ok. again, thank you soooo much for any input. If anyone has a question for me or anything of any matter, please e-mail ***@****. Best regards to all!!!
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okay for everyone to answer who wants too.
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Well where do I start.I'm 42 male mine started when I was 37. Mine is more health anxiety but I do have panic attacks.I take xanax .25mgs 4 times aday.I Also go to conseling. Most ssri have not worked for me.serzone worked but the FDA took it off the market due to liver damage.paxil,zoloft,prozac,cexela all made me nervous and the side effects were worse than the anxiety.Counseling seem to work so but then I'll have pvcs(skiped heart beats) and bam anxiety goes sky high.I have chest pain,lightheadedness,chills,cold hand and feet when I"m having an attack.Xanax seem to take the edge off but by no means is the cure.My anxiety is I worry about my health 24/7.Hope this helps.IF you have anyother questions my E-MAIL is ***@****

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For me, everything was perfect before I initially got sick.  I had slight anxiety from many life changes that were occuring at the same time, but nothing I could not handle.  My panic problems began once I began taking Celexa (2 days in).  I was then prescribed further meds to help with the Panic, I was given Paxil and Ativan--but the Paxil made the panic attacks more frequent and during the day (celexa only at night).  I was taken off of Paxil and given Imipriam, but it didn't help.  It was at this point my blood pressure went up about 20-30 pts. (has yet to fully come back down) After going to the ER for a panic attack, I talked again to my psychiatrist for something to help more with sleep while not giving me any more side effects.  I was prescribed valium, took one--scared me to death, so I decided to quit taking ALL medicine "cold turkey".  The only thing I didn't have adverse reactions to was the Ativan, so I took one when absolutely needed.  I quit going to all doctors (because they set off my anxiety), and decided to make myself get better.  From all of the stress, I had IBS so bad that I had just been eating toast for about 3 weeks, so I gradually began trying to eat different healthy foods.  

As far as techniques to get better that were presented to me go, I was suggested by my psychiatrist to try relaxation exercises--didn't work (can't relax when panicking), to try to occupy myself, and to not "check" myself when I think something's wrong.  What I attribute my recovery to:  God--lots of reading the bible and prayer (biggest help--esp. during panic), My wife and family support, quitting the meds, reintroduction of exercise, eating right to control IBS triggers, taking precautions to avoid panic triggers, and TIME.  
I'm not 100% yet, but as soon as I quit the meds, I began feeling better and my road to recovery.  If you have any more questions or comments, my email is: ***@****
Hope that helps somewhat.
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I went through many of the same options... Paxil CR (no help and hard to get off of). Xanax always worked but due to addictiveness I saw an anxiety specialist who put me on Klonopin, which works well.  Symptoms are pretty much gone now. I tried biofeedback, relaxation, but to no avail. They were useful as additive but not by themselves.

I recommend seeing a real anxiety specialist. Most major hospitals have an anxiety clinic or specialist. That's where I found mine through.

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I am a 46 year old female and I've had panic attacks most of my life, only I didn't realize back in my 20's that is what was going on. Only about the last 3 years did I understand that there was something that could be done for this. I can't count how many times I was either at the doctors office or emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack or something. Chest pains, couldn't breath, sweating, dizzy, numbness is my arms and hands etc. I thought I was losing my mind. My doctors ran several tests and came back with anxiety disorder. I have been on .5 Xanax twice a day now for about 2 years. It does help a lot. I have also had counseling which has helped as well. I think the one thing that stands out the most was the recommendation that I allow my self "worry time" each day and that is the only time that I let myself worry about everything. I even write down things I am going to worry about and save it for that time each day. Otherwise, I don't allow myself to even thing about what causes me stress etc., knowing that I will let it come out during my 20 mintues of worry time. I know this sounds rather silly, but, it really works for me. I find myself not being so anxious all the time, and I have even skipped a dose of my Xanax because my body didn't remind me that I needed it. A point of caution here though, don't ever just quit taking Xanax. This is a medication that you need to taper off of slowly. I quit taking it thinking that I just didn't need it anymore and ended up in the emergency room with seisures. I'm no where near being cured of my panic disorder, but a lot closer than I have been my entire life. Hope this helps your research a little.
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I have been dealing with the whole depression/anxiety/panic mess since I was 19; I am now 36.  I have been on all the meds -Paxil, Depakote, Effexor, Xanax and others.
Currently I am taking Lexapro.  Have been on it for about 6 months.  It doesn't seem to be doing anything positive.  The anxiety, depression, and anger are now worse than ever.

I have experieced Mood disorders for the past years

I am not sure if this is a child memory

I have always been a pessimist and never given myself the chance to like and enjoy the other part of me
I don't think of suicide but I have thoughts of passing on and leaving this life of uneasyness

I think I could handle the depression by myself or maybe even the anxiety.  But when dealing all at the same time it get's a little overbearing.
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