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HELP! My husband is a psychopath!

  I have done a lot of research on psychopaths.
  I am convinced my husband is one. I started the
  research when I realized he has no conscience. He
  has never cared about me or his own child. He doesn't
  care about his own mother or anyone else in his
  family. He lies all the time. He keeps repeating
  the same wrongs like the outcome is going to be different.
  I can sit down and tell him why I am angry at him for
  things and he NEVER gets it! He is like a 15 year old boy. He is 35
  years old. He try's to make me think I am the one who is
  not normal. If he does something to upset me and I raise my
  voice, he tells everyone I am going crazy. He always blames me and
  others for everything he does wrong. What should I do???? Should
  he get help? How would I go about doing this? PLEASE help.
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It appears that you are experiencing much distress as a result of your relationship
with your husband who you believe is a "psychopath".  It is impossible for
me to diagnose your husband but from your description he does have some
characteristics of a "psychopath"- also known as sociopath and antisocial
personality disorder but does not meet diagnostic criteria.  The repeated
lying, "no conscience" (ie lack of remorse) and lack of concern for others
such as yourself, are some of the features you reported that support the
The diagnosis at this point is not the most important factor.  What is most
important is what you should do.  Only you know what is best for you but
your options are as follows: individual treatment for your husband; individual
treatment for yourself and/or marital therapy.  The first thing you need to decide
is whether this relationship is something you want to continue in and the
go from there.  Best of luck with these difficult decisions.  If interested
in pursuing therapy, which may be helpful for you and your husband, and you would
like to see someone in the Henry Ford System, then call 313-874-6680.
keywords: Psychopath, Sociopath, Antisocial personality disorder

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