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HORRIBLE Anxiety/Panic

I have posted here many times in the past.  I suffer from Panic/Anxiety disorder and I dont have insurance so I am not getting any help.  I have been to all the local mental health centers, etc... nothing.  A Emergency room doctor prescribed me BuSpar since I have such horrible side effects to SSRI's... {Paxil, Zoloft, etc.} so a friend of mine gave me BuSpar and i only took 1/4th of the pill and it made me so Miserable.  I was in bed for 2 1/2 days and I missed work and i felt like dying.  Is there anything out there that could help without such miserable side effects? Ill be getting insurance from my job in about two months :) I "sometimes" take REMERON at night to help me sleep.  And like once in a blue moon XANAX to take away the anxiety.  I only take remeron when i really really cant sleep.  I actually like remeron.... yah Im sleepy and hungry all day..but its not as bad as all the other "junk" i have taken.  Would you recommend me to stick with remeron?  Will it help my panic attacks at all?  My anxiety?  My heart is always racing... i have problems breathing and always feel like im going to die.  Im not eating healthy at all... all i really eat is cheese and pizza and junk.  And I am a drinker... I drink alot of beer.  And the morning after I drink I feel like HELL.  Its not a hangover... its weird... miserable.  Any advice would really be appreciated.  I have cut down 80% of my drinking... what should I do?  *Cynthia* 21 F Florida
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Ask your doctor about a longer acting xanax, like klonopin. It does not have any side effects and will relieve your anxiety.
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Hi Cynthia:

I know how you feel esp. when the meds don't work. I'm curious what kind of side effects did you have with the paxil? I just started taking it yesterday but all day today I had severe panic attacks, at one point I thought I was going to faint, my arms and legs feel hot and tingly, couldn't sleep, and a slight headache.. Unfortunately, I'm like you as I've tried Luvox, zoloft and I couldn't handle those.. I will not take the prozac and celexa was good except the fatigue was disabling... However, if I have to I may go back to that...Plus, I worry about withdrawl effects from the Paxil.. Have you tried the tryclics? I'm told they work really well for panic though you have to get EKG's and blood tests in the beginning.. Have you had any CBT therapy as they may be helpful and then there is Effexor which seems to help people and which is not an SSRI. YOu could also try Wellbutrin that's not an SSRI either..

Best of luck,
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Hello!  First I would like to say I am not in the medical profession, so anything I say here is because I have wonderful doctors and counselors that have helped me.  As far as your $$ situation, go to your church or any church, ask them if they have a Christian Counceling Service available.  There is one here locally, and if they have to they will take it out in trade (kidding--kind of) but they are licensed and will help you.

Medication is a killer when you are trying to find one that works for you.

My doctor told me, when I prescribe something for you...throw away and do NOT look up the side affects.  Try it for a few days, if there is something still not right, call me and we will decide if it is worth keeping you on a while longer or taking you off.  

Sometimes your mind will tell you that this is not working and it works against you.  Your mind is doing most of this to you now.  I went throught bags of meds before I found something that worked for me.  I have suffered panic/anxiety/PTSD for almost 1 yr.  But, counseling helps.  

I have recently posted alot on these boards because I am almost completely OK.  I still have my moments, but my life has improved so greatly.  I am not or will never be the person I was prior to what happened to me and these attacks.  But as you grow older, your not supposed to be the same person, right?

I am going to post for you a book that has helped me and others:

I found this on the www.BarnesandNoble.com site:

The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook: A Step-by-Step Program for Curing Yourself of Extreme Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Phobias
In Stock:Ships within 24 hours.
Edmund J. Bourne,Edmund J. Bourne / Hardcover / Fine Communications / March 1996
Our Price: $12.98

If you can't buy it, look for it in a local library or see if a doctor will let you borrow it.  You will learn so much about anxiety and feel much better knowing that you are not going to die from an anxiety attack.  

Like my good Doc said, if you do, I am going to make a lot of money on my book...by the way (he asked) will you sign the rights over now---then laughed.

You will get through this.  It will not be easy and the meds are the worst.  Know that you are not alone and not crazy.  There are a lot of us out here suffering, maybe in different ways for different reasons, but we are here with the same worries.

Keep your chin up, find a new exciting hobby and know that you will get through this!!!


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I had the same kind of symtoms as you are describing around 12 years ago.  I had these for 15 years.  I would wake at night with my heart beating so fast, hyperventilate and end up calling the paramedics because I felt my heart would explode.  I became agoraphobic, could not stand in line at a grocery store, go downhill in a car, go to a movie or be in a crowd, plus several other phobia type things.  I read a book entitled "Living Without Fear" and out of that went to see a psych.  He diagnosed Agoraphobia with a secondary heart phobia and put me on Klonapin. It changed my life.  All my panic attacks stopped, my phobias went away.  I have my life back.  I am still taking the medication and am doing great.  Take my advice and see a psych or doctor.  Go to County Mental Health or whatever.
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I too suffered from panic attacks, they started 2yrs ago. When i first started paxil, i started at 10mg. and increased weekly until i was up to 30mg. I noticed though each time i would incrase the dose my attacks would become more severe for a few days, but then gradually subside. I found paxil to of great value to me at the time, and did help with my panic attacks. I have currently went off of paxil, and experienced few but not unbearable effects while doing so. I had gained 30lbs while being on the paxil, that was one major reason for me going off of it. I'm doing very well since going off of it, no panic attacks. Sometimes i do get some anxiety, i also take xanax if i really need it, but i take a very small dose of it. thanks
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I am experiencing panic attacks and i hate them.  Well, who loves them, right? Anyway, i would like to start trying for a baby and i didn't really want to go on any meds but,seriously i think i need to.  I know a few people on paxil, zoloft.  And i was on effexor and i discontinued that 3 yrs ago.  And i've been fine until about 4 mos ago.  When i am home, i am fine. But, if i am driving the panic will occur. Anyone on anti depressants while pregnant??
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I am experiencing panic attacks and i hate them.  Well, who loves them, right? Anyway, i would like to start trying for a baby and i didn't really want to go on any meds but,seriously i think i need to.  I know a few people on paxil, zoloft.  And i was on effexor and i discontinued that 3 yrs ago.  And i've been fine until about 4 mos ago.  When i am home, i am fine. But, if i am driving the panic will occur. Anyone on anti depressants while pregnant??
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hi there,
I am from india...
I also a victim of violent thougths which disturbed my life very badly.This pbm was a'lly 4 year old..
But I got first attack 2 y'ears before.That time I got thought of sudden breath stop.. or to stop breath by myself..
It was so terrible that I told my parents that now I am going to die..
They also scared by this..
then I consult with a very good psychatrist who not only help me in treatement but financially also..
a'lly my finacial condiation at thaa time was not good as I was a engg. student. and from middle cast. when I start treatement I feel good but afetr 6 month I stopped treatement b'caz of financial cond.. But after 3,4 month I faced a panic attack when I was travelling from mumbai to pune in railaway..
In the mob I scared by thoughts of jumping out from the running train..
Or I just cant stop this thoughts and my body obeys this..
So again I start the treatment and now feeling good. but this time I want to stop treatment by my psych. advice...
So friends if u have this pbm just meet ur nearest psych. as I met ..
take care,
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Well I can't tel you how happy I am to have found this site at this point in time . I think its God's will. People I don't know about others who have experienced takinf Paxil but for me it was nasty! I went on the site and checked out the drug and to my suprised there were quite a few side effects and withdrawal syndrome that I was experiencing that I could not understand neither could the doctors until I showed them what I'd found about the paxil and law suites out on the drug. BE HE CAREFUL! I think the best way to get over these panic attacks is to get a thorough understanding of what the disorder is all about and knowing what causes us to have them. I think our diet plays a very important role in how the body chemistry and anxiety works. My friends thinks I am a hypochondriac because I have so much ailments most from the mind I presume. Tell me! Is there anyone who suffers premature contract(heart skips a beat)fluttering,gaseous feeling,and tightness in the chest and stiffness in the breast? Please guys this is a S.O.S question. I am set to do an echocardiagram today beacause I think there is  something seriously wrong with my heart. Minkha from Jamaica
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Minkha, did you see a dr about your heart? before taking paxil i felt a tightness in my chest and my friend who is a nurse said it could be from too much caffeine.  or do you smoke?  it is about our diet as you stated.  we have to be careful what we eat.  and get lots of excersize.  and we have to make sure to drink more water and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.  No skipping meals.
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I share your fears about my health..I started taking Paxil when my Dr. MD put me in hospital for chest pain.  I had a 24 hour observation.  My pulse stayed at 110 about the whole time.  Anyway, I had the works, stress test, cardiolgy workup deluxe.
They found nothing.  A slight mitral valve prolapse, which I was already aware of.  I first began to take Klonopin, the symptoms disappeared, then the Psychiatrist added paxil and my mood stabilized and I stopped obsessing on my health.  that was three years ago.
All this talk about paxil withdrawl has me scared out of my mind though.  I want to start to wean off.  I take 30mgs daily.

Hope this helps you.  Have faith and keep in touch with a support group.  people who dont understand these feelings can be so hurtfull, know you are not alone and there is a life waiting to unfold for you.

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