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I've have conquered panic attacks through reading and not giving into taking medication.  While I still get shakey from time to time, I've learned how to deal with it through breathing and relaxation exercises.  My doctor has me on 1/2 Atenolol because my blood pressure becomes elevated when I'm in very stressful situations.  This has helped very much.  

My main problem, now, though, is that I am so nervous about becoming ill, that I fear I am becoming a hypochondriac!  Everytime I have some sensation or mark on my body, I'm convinced it's something terrible and terminal.  Whenever I go to the doctor, I work myself up into such a frenzy, that I'm a wreck by the time I see him.  It has nothing to do with being afraid of painful procedures or the like - I'm petrified of what he is going to find!  I'm scared to death of having tests done becuse of what the result might be.  I know that's crazy, but it's how I feel.

No one would ever believe that I have any these issues, because from the outside I seem as solid as a rock.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to conquer this irrational fear?  Has anyone else gone through this?  Basically, I am a pretty stable person, but this is throwing me for a loop.  Any help would be appreciated! - Thanks
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Mary, congratulations on conquering the panic attacks. I am a big fan of the natural, rather than medication, way of treating this problem.

But your fears have now moved over to a new thought...this is called displacement. That means you are getting closer to your real fear...something going on in your life...but have not got there yet.

I suggest that you either seek counseling or start to investigate what is going on by taking my MasteringStress Program(link above) and requesting a review by me.  I will try to help you find and conquer the underlying source of your fears.
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Mary if you can delve deeper into your subconscious,you may find the underlying Neurosis.
It may not necessarily be your problem,it may be somebody elses.
Try the Doctors link and stay away from medication.
You are looking at the same problem,but from a different angle(Displacement).
You say that outwardly you appear as solid as a Rock?,but is that just appearances,what are you really like?.you know inside,the secret self!,think about it are you putting on an act?,Sometimes love can cure problems such as yours,and the best place to start is by loving yourself,you sound like a nice person to me,just try being yourself.
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Thanks for your post, Spook.  I did log onto the doctor's site.  It was very interesting - something emerged that really surprised me.  Hopefully, that's all I need to understand and deal with what is happening to me.

As far as being solid as a rock, basically, I think I am pretty level-headed and practical.  So, I don't believe it's an act or anything like that.  Like anyone, I suppose, I have certain hang-ups, that as long as they don't effect my everyday life, I'll get through.

In any event, thanks for your comments!
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I cannot see the doctor's site!! I am on Internet Explorer and no link appears.  Can somebody please mail the link to me?  ***@**** .  I also suffer from panic attacks and anxiety!  Horribe horribe feeling!
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