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Help with Oxycontin withdrawals

As of now I've been off oxycontin (used them for 9 months) for about 5 hours and am already experiencing withdrawals.  I see so many people talk about getting med's perscribed to help with these.  My Dr. knows I'm doing this and has never offered any help.  Can you recommend any med's that I could call and talk to him about?  He was carefree in giving them, but doesn't seem to think about me going off of them, just that I need to.  Please any help would be so very much appreciated!!!!
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Ask your doctor about valium or klonopin, or a formal detox program if your dose was high.  Also, look at the addiction forum here at medhelp... a lot of comments re oxycontin withdrawal...may be something more useful there.
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Got to www.cchr.org for all the answers you need on meds. You can also report abuse there. Seems that you need answers and the doctor failed in his profession. That is abuse.
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Well, on Tues. he put me on Librium, 25mgs 3x/day.  Helped a tiny bit, but haven't slept very good.  I don't know if the other 2 mentioned by the MD here would do anything different.  I'm on day 4 and feel like this will never end.  I am getting better, I had to come to my parents to get online.  I did find out that taking baths really helped, but not for long.  It made my skin all one temp, which I think is why people tell you to do it.  Any idea when I will feel normal again.
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I'm addicted to oxycottin to. From what i have heard withdraws last for 7 to 10 days. I have been addicted for 2 and a half years, and it has been a goal of mine for a year to just go through one week of hell and get through the with draws and try quite. Valum will help you sleep and it makes you forget you having withdraws.
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I do believe valium is somewhat easier to get off of than Klonopin.  I would agree w/ previous comment.
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Well it's been 2 weeks of hell.  The Librium didn't help with sleep, and I think it made me get the chills.  Anyway, I'm off that now and for a few days tried Tramadol for my pain, didn't work.  Yesterday I started Gabapentin (sp).  It seems to be working.  This is the first day I can actually breath without hurting so much.  I still have pain but not the OMG kind.  I had my appendix rupture 2 years ago, and my Gallbladder out 5 weeks later (It origionally started with my GB, but my appendix went before I my schedule surgery date).  I've had pain where my gallbladder is ever since.  I had so so many tests and nothing came up.  Now they think it's a combo of nerve, muscle damage and scar tissue.  If anyone is thinking about going off, YOU CAN DO IT!!!! It's really a mind game, and I'm winning it.  I knew I wanted off the oxy within a few months of taking it, but was scared about being in pain.  Then I talked to my Dr, tapered down and went through 2 weeks, and I think I'm through the worst.  I think I saw somewhere it can take months or a year or 2 for everything to go back to normal.  Good luck to anyone who's going to do it.  Just keep it in your mind all the time there is no going back, and work with your Dr on new med's to control you pain..
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I have been abusing oxycontin for a few years (160mg per day...it always varied) I do not use it for pain management but escape and the euphoria it produces, for me it has been a rollercoaster of addiction and withdrawal, seems like I am withdrawling all the time so I am out to stop using once and for all. I know all about the relapses and sucess rates with opiate addiction. The things that seem to help me deal with withdrawal is valium or xnanx to sleep at night, go to the Doctor and get a prescription anti-diarrhea prescription if possible (seems to work better than Imodium AD) also I exercise (walking) I know it seems hard because of the lack of energy but it will help beacause it will help your brain produce it's own natural opiates which the oxycontin was replacing for so long. Withdrawal symptoms are caused by the brain having to catch up on producing it's own natural opiates which it hasn't done for the duration of oxy use. It really is a 3-4 day period of pure hell if you stop cold turkey, there is no real way not to have withdrawal symptoms after using such a powerful opiate such as oxycontin, as long as you have some sort of support ie. family, your Doctor (if he/she is a good one) etc. then you have a good chance. The hardest part is that 3-5 day period after stopping not to use again in order to relieve withdrawal symtoms. I wish you the best of luck!
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hmmn if you do have a history of abusing pills, I would probably agree more with a "formal detox."  Because if you take klonopin or valium you will end up having a new addiction.
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help-i have been on hydrocodone for 2 years.does anyone know of a doctor in atlanta that will prescribe me medication like suboxone to help with the withdrawals?any advice on how to go through the withdrawals as painlessly as possible?
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I was a carpenter, when I ruptured 3 disk in my spine. I sought relief from a spine specialist due to not wanting to undergo surgery. After one year of Spinal shots and Oxicotin and Oxicodon (mass amounts). I realized that the pain was still there and surgery was nesecary. The surgeon decided that he would leave the pain relief to the Dr. already treating me for it.Well 4 weeks after surgery, it was decided to start reducing the amount of Oxi's. Each reduction took about 3-5 days for my body to taper or level off. Yes it was hell on both myself and family. On the last 30mgs a day I went cold turkey and roughed it out. It felt like I had arthritis in 90% of my body, hot flashes, cold flashes, shaken all over, but it was knowing that I will not go through this again that kept me going, not to mention the support of a very loving family.
I stopped taking the Oxitin's first because they were fast acting and fast to let you down. The Oxicodone were long lasting and slower let down.This seemed to help, I am 3 weeks clean (I heard it takes 2 weeks to leave you'r system)now and going through phisical rehab for my back, my energy level is very low and still going throught some tough mental times. I feel I have learned an awfull lot about detox on you'r own. I am new to all these web sites so sorry if I rambled on too much. but I would be glad for any more info on my energy level ex.vitamins, protien drinks, seem to help a little, or if I can answer a question I would love too. Thank You
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Angiepooh- I would be very interested in your dr.  I'm in the area and am interested in learning about that type of resource.  Interesting posts all-I'm new.  Tybalt7.
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Hi1 I have been on the Suboxone program for almost 3 weeks and it has been a miracle for me. I was addicted to hydro 10/325 for over 2 years and if anyone wants to know the name of the Dr that I'm seeing for this in Atlanta, please let me know..

Take care,
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My husband just confessed to me on Monday he had a problem with Oxycontin.  He was taking 80mg pills and shooting up.  I see my husband everyday and had NO IDEA!!!  The mood swings were the key to know something was wrong and the fact $3,000.00 A month was going missing!  We saw doctor yesterday(after 2 days of withdrawal).  We are now taking Suboxone(1 pill a day a doctor may recomend 2 a day). It will help you sleep, stops the aches and pains of withdrawal (for several hours), and it is non-narcotic.  We have only taken this for 1 day, I can not praise this drug yet.  I hope we get through this.  Any one who is addicted to this drug needs to seek help FAST, it is SERIOUSLY addicting.  I pray for any of you who needs help with this, that you will have support from your family and your doctor.  Detox is the hardest part! Get through that and make sure you talk with a counselor or a psych.  Speak with someone soon because the depression will be a major role it what makes you or breaks you!  Good Luck to you all, may God bless you!
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I am 3 days off oxycontin (today Aug.30th.2005)up to 8 80's a day. I have severe spinal stynoisis and had worked my way up to taking that many every day in the past 3.5 years. (forgive me I am a little shakey, (haugh:I wanna kill thumpton)I am one who thought I could go cold turkey and did. I do not recomend this way if you can get help, I had it comming out both ends and only one end will fit in the toilet at a time so you have to choose what to do and it is not a pretty site. I laied in bed for four days flipping, tossing, turning and running to the toilet.I am telling you this way to go is pure HELL.Today is my first day of actually having any activity what so ever. I cant walk 10 feet without being out of breath and have to sit down because I am so tired. My back is killing me but I will live with the pain befor I go back to the oxies,I was wondering if my energy will return and will I be able to walk with any normalcy? I am on a little soup now so I am looking to be able to walk again, at least for more than 10 ft. at a time. I am glad for finding this topic area at least I am not alone if any one needs help go get it now I will be glad to help If I can. C.Brown
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I live about a thousand miles from my cousin and the rest of my family.  My cousin has been doing a few different drugs for the last two years.  She's been on Cocaine, Heroine, and lately, Oxycontin.  As the only person in my family who halfway understands addiction and has the patience to tollerate my cousin's habits, I was called to help her by her close friend who said she was really bad and suicidal.  So I took a week off work and flew up right away to spend some time with her.  

Well, it's been an incredibly interesting couple days so far.  I got here on Sunday night and called her to let her know I was in town and wanted to see her.  She and I were close growing up.  I told her to call me any time she wanted to talk.  She called at 5 am and I hadn't been able to sleep yet.  I went to her house right away to talk and she made me wait for over 3 hours while she locked herself in the bathroom.  When she came out she was beligerant and looked like a drunk about to fall over, but who never quite falls.  She was like that for hours and then we went out and did some shopping and she cleared up.  But then went to a bathroom and got hi again.  She sobered up that night and we went out for dinner.  

Today she used every story and lie she could come up with to convince our grandparents to lend her $50 and she and I drove 3 hours one way for her to "pay off some debt to the violent dealer".  She evidently got more drugs because 5 minutes later she had to use the bathroom again and came out very hi.  Then 20 minutes later had to go again and took more.  

Long story made short, she is totally addicted to this drug and will do anything for it.  Even when she seems totally sober and normal, she's very hard up to get some more before withdrawl sets in.  I knew heroin was bad, but didn't know oxy was this bad.  

I'm not really looking for advice here.  Just wanted to post about how bad it can get for some people.  I hope to gain her trust and when she is ready to quit, I'll be there to help her with detox, rehab and getting her life back together.  But I think she's going to need more than the boyfriend beating her up to convince her.
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Hello everyone,
I came to this forum about 3 weeks ago and have been addicted ever since. My story... I take 30mgs of oxycontin and 5 percocets at 5mg a day.  I take these meds for a herniated disk in my back.  I have been taking percs for 5 years now and just added the oxy's about well 2 years ago.  I originally was put on 40 mgs. 2x daily and it was too much to handle so after 3 months I weaned myself down to 10mgs 3x daily.  I take half of the percocet every 2 hours until 430pm when I get off work and then I take 1 oxy every 2 hours.  Okay here is my question if I am taking what is directed in terms of meds why am I feeling withdrawals when I just take the percocet during the day?  I feel the creepy crawly feeling in my arms and legs during the day when I am just taking the percs.  I don't abuse the meds but I can't help feeling like an addict. Does anyone else have this problem.  I work all day and don't want to be drugged out and possibly make mistakes at work.  btw - just wanted to say that I appreciate everyone in this forum
we are making a difference by posting!
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Has anyone ever heard of or experienced the Ibogaine treatment?
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Ive been taking Oxy's for about 1 year on and off.. mostly on for the past 6 months.  I just had my last (hopefully)surgery and am a month out, and I want to get off the meds.  I am taking 20 mg. of percocet per day and am having a hard time cutting down. Ive tried the local NA groups and didnt really get anywhere.  Do you guys have any advice for me?  

I have gone through the w/d's about 3 times now and relapsed.  I dont want to go cold turkey and relpase, but want to taper off.  If I get down to 10 mg of percocet per day(which I have before) is that low enough to stop without w/d's?  
How many days should it take me to taper down/off?

Should I see a Dr.?  (I dont have much $)
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Back in mid-August, I ended my 2 year usage of total of 80 mg of oxy a day and total of 15 mg of percocet a day.  I was taking 10's 2x daily, 20's 3x daily.  Percocet, 5's 3 x daily.  Now, I will be the first to admit that in the beginning, I was delighted with the drug.  I used it according to scipt (after 2 back surgeries) and never even thought about abusing it...uphoria and all that I did get.

For the last 4-6 months, I began to chew them in order to the get same feeling as I once had.  I never got that same feeling back.  I am a middle aged man, my wife is the one who works, and I try to take care of our 2 year old.

Long story short, I checked myself into detox due to depressive order resulting from long term use of medication.  That was the only way I could get the insurance company to even flinch and pay for the majority of the detox.  I stayed only three days because my wife (who is a teacher) was starting school again and I was tired of seeing her having to shuttle my daughter from house to house.  Now, all I can really do is to shuttle her myself while I do house work, laundry, not much else.

I have had no narcotic drug in my system since August 21st.  I went into detox Aug. 16th, starting withdrawing the 17th, and my the 18th was feeling much better.  I learned to B.S. the doctor in charge of my case, got him to release me and went home to try to take control of things.

I saved back 5 of each of the med's already mentioned but only broke the percocet in half and tried to manage the gitteriness, the nausea, the mental fogginess, and the lethargy.  Fool that I was I thought I could manage this myself.  I finally came clean with my wife what I had done, we flushed the med's down the shoot and I have had nothing in the way of a narcotic since midday Sunday, August 21st (at that point only 2 1/2 mg of percocet).  

Yada,yada, yada, when will I see light of day?  Even though I feel better than when I first came off this junk, I still have no energy and I cannot competently care for my daughter right now while my wife takes her place financially supporting our family.

I feel like a loser in that I have not been able to find work, I dropped out of college (went back to finish my degree)3 classes short of BA, and generally cannnot seem to get going.  How long should I expect this to continue?  that is the lethargy, the horrible insomnia, the high blood pressure, etc.?  Anyone out there with a similar story that has now been clean for a couple of months and sleeping again?

I take Ambien and/or Lunesta to help with sleeping but I am afraid of yet another addiction.

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It is difficult to say whether or not you will still go through w/d.  You have two choices; either wean yourself further until you get down to 2 1/2 mg of percocet, or you can stop what you are doing even now and learn from the discomfort and the hardship you may well experience.

The only thing about your situation that should be of concern is your continual route to detox/withdrawal several times now.  Is there something that keeps pulling you back?  Friends, family, dealers, etc.?  You have to make up your own mind how to handle things but I guess if it were me I would try one more week of weaning off or be done with it now and get your way through this.

It will not be easy but it can be done; preferably under a controlled environment so that you are not tempted to go back on them again AND so that someone can nurse you back to relative health.  

My understanding is that you may be sleepless for some time coming, so you need to have a plan as to how you are going to be able to have a support system that lifts you up when you are down and then to kick you when you need a good kick.  That's my 2 cents.  I would be happy to help when and where possible as I feel as though in spite of my profound sleepliness, that the worst may be over.
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Hi All

My mother gave me an oxycontin for leg pain one nite not realising how strong addictive they are.

I ended up having to go to a doctor and tell him the story to try and wean down off them.  However now I am up to taking 200 - 300mg Oxycontin a day.  I keep running out of them and having to go cool turkey.  I CAN NOT go through that again, I am in my early 20's and i feel ive ruined my life getting stuck taking these.  

No one has any ideas if you can just buy them without going to a doctor.  I took Xanax the pink .5mg and taking few of them and nothing eases the pain.
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Thanks Eoxyman for your advice.  
I dont have any family and live alone, so my support system is very thin.  I guess I need to find someone to tell that I have been using again.  I think my friends are sick of hearing it. They have helped me stop using and wean off a couple of times and its a pain.  I am also pretty ashamed that I cant seem to deal with it myself.  Ok.  Starting tomorrow I will go down to 15 then 12 then 10.. until next Sunday I will be at 2 1/2.  
I am so sorry for everyone on this site who is going through this.  

From what I remember the longest I stopped using for was a month, and after the first couple of weeks things started to get better.  Engergy started coming back etc. but it took a good month to get there.
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hello everyone,

im and 18 year old gurl whose addicted to oxycontin. in the beginning i just did it recreationally, then i becAME easily addicted and only used to get by in life it was a horrible cycle of stealing money from my parents getting it and using that is wat my daily life consisted of for about 6 months. my parents recently found out about my addiction and took me to the hospital because the withdrawls were too painful for me to go through w/o seeking med help the hospital then sent me to the phys. ward! they put me through a 96 hour detox and even tho it eased the withdrawls it was still very painful and i had no energy i ended up staying in the hospital for 6 days..ive now been off 0xy for 11 days now and i physically feel fine, but the depression is bad..i was wondering if anyone had ne ideas on how to get my mind off this awful drug, this drug has ruined my life..some of the ppl i love most i lost because of this drug and ill never get them back, one being my bf, i serioulsy dont know wat to do, im consistantly sad, id rather go through the withdrawls a million times over then, have to keep feeling the way i do right now, my heart goes out to all of those out there who are going though wat im going through because its so hrad and painful..i miss my life b4 oxys. the oxis made me do things i would have never done b4 like steal from my parents to get money to buy the drug..i dont know many ppl who know wat im going through so i came to this website in hopes of finding someone who knoes wat im going through and is willing to help me through this

god bless
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Im sorry you too are going through all this.  The depression is totally normal, and you should expect it to last on and off for a while, depending on how high your dose of oxy was on a daily basis.  What seemed to help me was getting some exersise.  Walks, or riding the bike, something cardio, even for a small amount of time helped a lot.  It takes a while for your brain to go back to producing the natural opiates like it did before the oxy was producing them for it.
Be strong, this too shall pass
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