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Husband's Stroke Recovery

My husband suffered a stroke caused by a fatty embolism after hip replacement surgery in January of 2002.  He has a high stress, long hour executive position and went back to work approximately 3 months following his surgery and stroke.  Recently his boss has told him that he feels my husband has lost his "edge", doesn't shift priorities fast enough, takes too many notes, etc.  This has been a blow to my husband as he's not sure if it's true or not.  I'm not sure how to help him handle this situation that has him questioning his competency.  Is there some sort of testing to establish a baseline for him, or would you recommend some type of therapy? I'd like to help him in any way possible, as it's heartbreaking to see him down after working so hard to get back (miraculously I thought)from such a debilitating event.  If you could help me to help him, I'd certainly appreciate it.  Thanks.
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There is neuropsychiatric testing that will help you and your husband find out whether there is any brain damage, and what kind of rehabilitation services would help.  You can get access to this through your neurologist or hospital.

It also may be psychological...your husband being more cautious and careful after his stroke...that kind of evaluation and treatment should be done by a psychiatrist.
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